2011 Ro-Sham-Throwdown returns to Hood River

February 10, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Ro Sham Throwdown: Hood River trickster

The best freestyle kiteboarders will return to Hood River, Oregon, for the 2011 Ro-Sham-Throwdown, between 13th and 17h July.

The format includes a qualification round and an invited riders' list.

Those who are not invited may compete after qualifying in the trials. There will be 6-10 tickets available to compete with the best riders.

The invited riders move directly to the final round of competition. A total of 30 kiteboarders will battle for the podium places.

The Ro-Sham-Throwdown is a rail and slide kiteboarding competition. Pro kiteboarder Aaron Hadlow has already won the kite jam event.

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