2011 SPI Kite Round-Up pumped South Padre Island

June 6, 2011 | Kiteboarding
2011 SPI Kite Round-Up: pumping adrenaline

The 2011 SPI Kite Round-Up has been successfully completed in five days of pure adrenaline. The South Padre Island kiteboarding competition lived up to the slogan, "Largest and longest kiteboarding event".

On the last day, all the equipment was demoed by the remaining participants, the boarder-cross competition enamored the crowds and the closing ceremony wrapped up the evening activities with a great party.

The boarder-cross competition put up some stiff competition between the three divisions of riders - men's, women's and masters.

The course was designated by several buoys, which required the competitors to tack offshore, upwind, back towards shore, over to obstacles, and repeat. The boarder-cross obstacles, provided by Shclitterbahn Water Park, kept the bulk of the action close to the shoreline for onlookers to stay involved.

In the previous days, there were speed kiteboarding competitions, long jump challenges, max-spin, freestyle shows and kite obstacles for the most skilled riders. Everyone has fun and everyone learned and shared their exciting kiteboarding experiences.

South Padre Island, in Texas, USA offers world-class kitesurfing conditions. The sub-tropical barrier island off the coast of south Texas is home to both flat, shallow on the Laguna Madre Bay side as well as ocean swell in the Gulf of Mexico.

On the east side of the island, you can perfect your kiteboarding skills in the Laguna Madre Bay. It is waist to chest deep across more than one million square miles of bay water.

All of this shallow water makes for flat consistent water as well as easy kite re-launching. Since it is so shallow in a warm climate, the Laguna Madre Bay heats up fast and stays warm for most of the year.

Alternatively, for those who enjoy kite surfing in the waves, west side of the island on the Gulf of Mexico is great for long and easy down winders. The island is roughly 30 miles long, while the road stretches the first 15 miles of it.