Kite Surf Pro unveils 2012 qualification system

February 7, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Guilly Brandao: this is wave kiteboarding

The Kite Surf Pro World Championship has released the qualification system for the 2012 season, in cooperation with the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA).

All wave kiteboarders have the opportunity to compete against each other in the exciting world competition.

The 24 slots for the 24 riders male fleet are allocated as follows: top 8 riders from previous season are pre-qualified; two wildcards awarded by the KSP Tour, two wildcards awarded by the PKRA and two local wildcards.

For the Women's fleet, there's a 50% quota for the above rules. Remaining slots are solely given to include more nations, which means only riders from nations that are not yet represented will be accepted.

If there are more nations applying, then slots are available, places are given in the order of regional strengths, until all slots are filled (in the order South America, Europe, North America, Africa, Oceania, Asia, and then from the beginning again).

The IKA executive committee may deviate from the order of regions and nations in order to ensure highest quality of the selected riders, e.g. require a minimum of competition experience, results and/or performance to be expected.

If there are less nations applying, then slots are available, then additional places are given to nations in the order of regional and nation strength.

If more than one rider applies from a nation eligible for a slot, then the national association nominates the rider.

If no national association exists, then the IKA executive committee after consultation with the KSP will decide. If any of the pre-allocated slots are not taken by the riders, these slots go to the pool for the nations.

If slots are not taken shortly before the event, they may be filled with local wild cards or, if possible, alternate riders from the waiting list on a first come-first serve basis. Applications can be made online through the application form on the KSP website until March 1st.

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