The 2014 PKRA World Tour will kick off in Panama

December 17, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Nitro City: the Gulf of Panama is for kiteboarders

The 2014 PKRA World Tour will kick off at Nitro City, Panama, on the 18th February, 2014.

The Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) has announced changes and pertinent information regarding the upcoming pro kiteboarding season.

The 2014 PKRA Freestyle competitors are informed that "any Hinterberger Mobe attempt will be scored as a Hinterberger Mobe. However, if not performing a proper Raley prior to the rotation, scoring will be significantly lower".

Also, the number of pre-qualified riders was changed to top 12 and two wildcards (Men) and top 6 and one wildcard (Women). Aaron Hadlow, Gisela Pulido, and Christophe Tack have been named for the PKRA Riders' Committee.

The 2014 PKRA World Tour schedule will be fully announced on the 21st January, 2014. However, we already know that the kiteboarding season will start in the Gulf of Panama. Riders will then travel to Dakhla (Morrocco) and Leucate (France).

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