The best kiteboarding books of all time

Kiteboarding books: learn and master the kite techniques

Kiteboarding books provide precious knowledge and technical details on how to control and sail better with a kite.

Kiteboarding is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.

In less than two decades, this thrilling water sport has conquered new participants and breakthrough technologies.

Kitesurfing books allow you to improve and fine-tune your sailing performances, but they also teach initial techniques to beginner kiteboarders.

How to choose a kite? What is a trainer kite?

The power of the wind can also be discovered with rich information about weather patterns, cloud behavior, and sailing intelligence.

So, what are the best kiteboarding books on the market?

"Kiteboarding Tricktionary - Twintip Supreme Edition," by Julian Hosp, Thomas Burblies, and Michael Rossmeier, is the ultimate kiteboarding book.

With up 420 pages and more than 500 photos, it's the best kiteboarding guide of all time, featuring precise kite movements with the best possible style, as well as basic, aerial, and new school maneuvers for all riding levels.

"The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide," by Udo Hoelker, is a must-have.

Meet the first comprehensive spot guide, with 100 regions, in nine continental chapters, featuring over 1,200 of the world's best spots.

"The Kite and Windsurfing Guide Europe," also by Udo Hoelker, features the Old Continent in detail.

It features over 40,000 kilometers of coastline, 17 countries, and a comprehensive 2,500 spots, with accurate local knowledge of wind and waves, plus conditions on the water and ashore.

"Kitesurfing in the Waves: The Complete Guide," by Kristin Boese and Christian Spreckels, offers action photographs with basic tricks and expert advice on learning each maneuver.

"Kites Method," by John Holzhall, takes riders through the safest and quickest way to learn to kiteboard. Instead of progressing to the water start, riders learn the revolutionary Upwind Board Drag (UBD).

The use of the board as a planing surface allows riders to travel upwind long before the water start.

"Kitesurfing: The Complete Guide," by Ian Currer, covers the basics of the sport, as well as safety issues, launching, and tips for beginners.

"TKB Beginner Instructional Guide," by the Kiteboarder Magazine, includes topics on kiteboarding gear, wind knowledge, flying a trainer kite, setting up your kite, kite launching, self-rescue, turns, and jumps.

"ISAF Beginners Guide to Kiteboarding," by Andy Gratwick, sets out some useful knowledge to reference as part of your learning, from body dragging to progressive maneuver and tricks.

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