Australia: a kiteboarder's paradise

Australia is one of the best countries in the world for kiteboarding. With over 35,877 kilometers (22,292 miles) of coastline, there are waves, winds, and flat water lakes for all riders.

The world's largest island is a kiteboarding paradise. With endless sandy beaches and water everywhere, kite enthusiasts get tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates.

The varieties of wind speeds make kitesurfing ideal.

In Western Australia, Safety Bay offers crystal clear flat water sheltered by the surrounding islands, cross-shore breezes, and no boats, swimmers, or obstacles.

Shoal Water Bay is the best location in Perth for kiteboarding sessions.

Margaret River offers smooth, flat water behind the sandbar at Augusta, where the wind blows to the waves and reefs from dawn to dusk.

In New South Wales, Old Bar is a silky-smooth, crystal-clear flat water location that opens to the ocean with lots of sand flats and riding areas.

In Victoria, St. Kilda's central location and flat water conditions make West Beach ideal for learning and a hotspot for advanced riders.

If you're in Queensland, Noosaville, on the Sunshine Coast, has white sandy beaches, warm water, waves, butter-smooth flat water and consistent winds nearly all year around.

St Kilda has bred many of Australia's top freestyle kiters. Within two hours of Melbourne, there are world-class waves and flat-water perfection for all wind directions.

Clontarf and its Brighton Beach, also in Queensland, are the perfect locations for learning to kiteboard. The shallow water depth and massive size make learning not only easy but also completely safe.

Port Douglas is located near the Great Barrier Reef and offers a tropical climate and an annual average wind speed of 13.5 knots.

Finally, Queensland's Agnes Water gets perfect sea breezes for kitesurfing with the wind blowing from all directions, swell and flat water, and an average of 310 sunny days per year.

The International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) affiliated centers in Australia offer lessons and services for kiteboarders while following all the standard safety procedures.

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