Sylt: one of the most popular kiteboarding spots in Germany | Photo: KTE

When you think about kiteboarding, Germany is not the first country that comes to mind. However, the land of sausages and beer has plenty of consistent opportunities for wind addicts.

Germans are disciplined and reliable, and so are the winds that rule the country bathed by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Germany also offers large lakes, so the lack of water for sports enthusiasts has never been a problem.

There are two common wind patterns in Germany, and they are easily noticed during summer and winter.

If you're on a kiteboarding trip, make sure to launch your kite between May-June and September-October.

You'll avoid the crowd factor (summer) and the cold water temperatures (winter).

Germany's North Sea and Baltic Sea coastlines offer 12 kiteboarding regions: Usedom and Greifswalder Bodden, Rugen, Vorpormemern North, Mecklenburg, Lubeck Bay, Fehmarn, Kiel Bay, Fördenland, North Frisian Islands, Northern Friesland, East Friesland, and East Friesland Islands.

Despite the relatively low temperatures, you'll always find idyllic landscapes, fine sandy beaches, endless dunes, and a relaxed atmosphere everywhere you go.

Kiteboarders are not a rare specimen, and Germans don't mind sharing winds and waves with foreigners.

Germany has a spectacular transportation system, which includes an excellent motorway network, a magnificent road system, and a splendid railway service.

So, where should we launch a kite in Germany?

Uckeritz, Usedom | Baltic Sea

It is one of the most popular kiteboarding spots in the region. Ideal for riders of all levels.

It's a flatwater spot that works fine with winds blowing from southeast to northwest.

Suhrendorf, Rügen | Baltic Sea

The ultimate German kiteboarding spot. It's sailable in all wind directions, but the breeze coming from the west is just perfect.

You'll find a surf school and campsite in the middle of the wilderness.

Saal, Vorpormemern North | Baltic Sea

With a southwesterly wind, it's a very popular kite spot for all levels of experience.

Located on the east bank of the Bodden.

Warnemunde: a kitesurf spot for advanced riders | Photo: Kitesurf Trophy

Warnemunde, Mecklenburg | Baltic Sea

A classic kitesurfing spot for experienced wave riders located on the outskirts of Rostock.

Launch your kite 3.5 kilometers further west in Wilhelmshohe.

Pelzerhaken, Lübeck Bay | Baltic Sea

A surfer-friendly spot with a broad scope of wind directions, standing-depth water, and a sandy beach.

It might get crowded, but there's everything you need in the surrounding area: parking, café, toilets, and showers.

Orth, Fehmarn | Baltic Sea

A safe kite spot that works well in all wind directions.

Perfect for training new maneuvers and relaxing.

Laboe, Kiel Bay | Baltic Sea

A popular kite and windsurfing spot located near Kiel.

It works with winds blowing in the SW-NE window. Watch out for ferries and cruise liners.

Damp, Fördenland | Baltic Sea

A wave kitesurfing spot that starts pumping nice rollers with east and south winds.

It has a parking area and regular kiteboarding activity.

Brandenburger Strand: a famous kite spot located in Sylt | Photo: Kitesurf Cup Sylt

Brandenburger Strand, North Frisian Islands | North Sea

One of the most notable kitesurfing spots in Germany. Sailable in strong, cross-to-cross-onshore winds.

Watch out for groins and currents. Located near Westerland.

St. Peter-Ording, Northern Friesland | Baltic Sea

A kite mecca offering all types of conditions.

It is one of the best kitesurfing spots in Germany when the offshore winds meet a west swell.

Great for all experience levels.

Hooksiel, East Friesland | Baltic Sea

It is a classic kite spot located near Norden. A perfect starting site for beginners.

It works very well with SW-N winds, but the tide has a strong influence on the conditions.

Langeoog: a flat water paradise | Photo:

Langeoog, East Friesland Islands | Baltic Sea

A large, flat water and wave kitesurfing heaven with two main spots: Weststrand and Nordstrand.

With shallow waters, heavy surf, and a tight watersports community, it is the ultimate kite destination.

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