Kiteboarding kites: safe, durable, and made for freestyle, slalom and waves

Kitesurfing kites are the most important piece of gear a kiteboarder owns. Discover the best kites for first-timers and intermediate-to-advanced riders.

Buying a kitesurfing kite is never easy, and it represents an important investment.

If you're buying a new wing, get a durable, safe, functional kite that might be used for, at least, a couple of years.

There are two main types of kites: inflatable and foil kites.

If you already own one or more kites, you should buy one that will work as a backup for different riding conditions and racing, slalom, or freestyle sessions.

In the last decade, new kiteboarding kites have arrived in the market with additional safety mechanisms and more intelligent technology.

Kite launching, piloting, and landing‎ are easier and safer than ever.

Beginner Kites

Trainer kites are the best option for beginner kiteboarders.

These power kite packages are designed to help novice riders learn how to control a kite up in the sky.

Bladders, zippers, depowering, and emergency release systems are some of the main features you'll find in entry models.

The most popular trainer kites measure between three and 3.5 square meters.

The "Slingshot B2/B3" trainer kites are quite popular and can be yours for $119 and $220, respectively.

The "Flexifoil Control" is responsive, predictable, and very easy to fly. It is one of the best models for first-timers.

The "HQ Rush V Pro 350 Trainer Kite" offers amazing power and fun with an effortless third line relaunch. It is extremely stable and easy to fly in low winds, and with a third line, provides the safety system and the ability to reverse launch, making it perfect for beginner riders.

Intermediate and Advanced Kites

Intermediate and experienced kiteboarders demand performance, power, and responsiveness, and, at a higher level, small gear details matter.

Top-quality kites for kiteboarding experience riders can reach 20 square meters, depending on wind conditions.

The pro kite division is led by high-end kitesurfing brands.

The "Liquid Force Wow V3" is one of the best kites available in the market. It is a wave-riding kite that will turn and depower very fast, offering a lightning-fast bar response and precise maneuverability.

The "Liquid Force Solo V3" is capable of flying in exceptional light winds. Its new canopy profile from leading edge to trailing edge reduces wingtip flutter and increases stability in challenging conditions.

The "Cabrinha Contra" is always an intelligent choice because it is a versatile, all-around three-strut wing that will excel in light winds. With its sleek wing tips and draft forward profile, it's the right kite for the modern free rider.

The "Cabrinha Switchblade" is an all-around kite for the savvy rider who wants the highest performance, most versatile, top-quality construction kite on the market.

The "Slingshot Rally" delivers maximum range, instant de-power, effortless relaunch, and precise handling. With its Delta-C shape, fine-tuned three-point bridle system, and tapered wingtips, this kite will never let you down while jumping, riding waves, and foiling.

The "Ocean Rodeo Flite" is the lightest kite the brand has ever made. It offers riders of all levels an explosive and dynamic kite designed for tight, snappy turns, big, lofty jumps, and loops that won’t kill you if you miss the landing.

The kitesurfing kite review has been updated on May 22, 2018

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