Trainer kites: the best way to learn to fly a kite fast and easy | Photo: HQ Kites

Trainer kites have been designed for kiteboarding beginners. Learn how to kiteboard with a safe and easy-to-control kite.

The first steps into the kitesurfing world can be challenging, frustrating, and sometimes even dangerous.

However, there's a great way of learning to fly a kite safely and without the pressure of having to control multiple gear items.

Light and Easy to Fly

So what are trainer kites, and how do they work?

Trainer kites are small, lightweight kites designed for use as a training aid for kiteboarding and other sports.

They are typically easier to fly and control than full-sized kites and are used to teach basic kite flying skills and techniques.

Trainer kites typically have two or three lines and are controlled using a bar or handles similar to those used on full-sized kites.

They are often used to practice launching, landing, and controlling the kite in different wind conditions.

Trainer kites can be used on their own or in conjunction with other training aids, such as boards or harnesses.

They are typically flown in lighter wind conditions than full-sized kites and are often used as a way to introduce people to the sport of kiteboarding.

A trainer kite is always a smart investment, and it will get you into kiteboarding quite quickly.

A good trainer kite will help you get used to the power of the wind, and it will exercise and develop your muscle memory.

Dual-line kites: the perfect starting point for beginner kiteboarders | Photo: Prism Kites

Benefits of Riding a Trainer Kite

Trainer kites are specially designed kiteboarding kites equipped with simple functions.

Here are the several benefits of using them:

  1. Improved gross motor skills: Flying a kite can help improve gross motor skills such as balance, coordination, and power;
  2. Enhanced problem-solving skills: Learning to fly a kite requires the use of problem-solving skills such as spatial awareness and decision-making;
  3. Increased physical activity: Flying a kite is a physical activity that can help improve fitness and burn calories;
  4. Improved mental health: Flying a kite can be a relaxing and meditative activity that can help reduce stress and improve mental health;
  5. Safe introduction to kiteboarding: Trainer kites can be used as a safe and controlled way to introduce people to the sport of kiteboarding without the risks associated with full-sized kites;
  6. Improved kiteboarding skills: Trainer kites can be used to practice and improve specific kiteboarding skills, such as launching, landing, and controlling the kite in different wind conditions;
  7. Fun and social activity: Flying a kite can be a fun and social activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages;

Simple and Safe

A trainer kite usually features the bridle, the kite lines, and the control bar, and that's all you need to ride a kite for the first time.

The good news is that you will never hurt yourself because you won't be wearing a harness.

If you feel uncomfortable or can't handle a strong gust of wind, just let go of the control bar, and you'll be safe.

Advanced trainer kites may also include brake lines and a safety leash.

You can quickly learn how to start kiteboarding with a trainer kite by completing simple exercises in the wind window.

Choosing the Right Size

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right size trainer kite for your weight and skill level:

  • Your weight: Trainer kites are designed to be flown by people within a certain weight range. Make sure to choose a kite that is suitable for your weight;
  • Your skill level: Beginner-level trainer kites are typically smaller and easier to fly than advanced-level kites. If you are a beginner, look for a kite that is designed for people with little or no kite-flying experience;
  • Wind conditions: Trainer kites are designed to be flown in different wind conditions. Make sure to choose a kite that is suitable for the average wind speeds in your area;
  • Type of trainer kite: There are two main types of trainer kites: 2-line and 3-line. 2-line kites are simpler to fly and are best for beginners, while 3-line kites are more advanced and offer more control;
  • Brand and model: Different brands and models of trainer kites may have different features and capabilities. Research different options and read reviews to find the best one for your needs;

Take a look at the best trainer kites for first-timers and beginner kitesurfers in 2024:


Slingshot B2

Slingshot B2

The Slingshot B2 is the original trainer kite. It's the ideal equipment for learning the most important aspects of kiteboarding.

It allows you to safely master basic kite skills at your own pace, pre-learn the essentials, and save time and money on lessons.

With the B2, you'll acquire the coordination and muscle memory vital for kiteboarding, gain an understanding of wind dynamics and how a kite responds, and grasp the dos and don'ts of kite flying.

Additionally, it offers the opportunity to enjoy and share the joy of kite flying for years to come and helps you become familiar with kiteboarding terms and concepts.

The B2 kit comes complete with a trainer kite, bridles, spectra flying line, a comfortable EVA grip control bar with line winders, and a carrying bag.

You can fly it on land, on grass, on the beach, or even on snow. It comes fully ready to ride.



Slingshot B3

Slingshot B3

The Slingshot B3 is an excellent three-meter traction kite for advanced beginners and seasoned riders alike and the ideal equipment for those wanting to learn kiteboarding.

It comes complete with the kite itself, bridles, a 25-meter spectra flying line, a comfortable EVA grip control bar with built-in line winders, a carrying bag, a safety wrist leash, and a bungee attachment.



HQ Symphony Beach III 1.3

HQ Symphony Beach III 1.3

The Symphony Beach III 1.3 Stunt Foil Kite was designed to match the needs of beginner kiters. It's a tough and forgiving dual-line kite that folds up compact with no parts to assemble or lose.

It offers a combination of durability, affordability, and ease of handling, suitable for both speed and pull. Folding up compactly, there are no parts to misplace, making it user-friendly.

Being one of the top-selling foil kites globally, it incorporates paragliding expertise in its design.

What sets it apart in its category is the minimal bridle attachment points.

In addition, it provides commendable flight performance, accompanied by quality accessories like wrist straps or a 2-line control bar. Its compact design makes it perfect for travel.

It is made of ripstop polyester and includes a winder and straps.

This dual-line trainer kite caters to both children (ages 8 and up) and adults. Suitable for wind speeds between 6 to 31 mph, it offers flexibility for varying windy conditions.

Each kit includes a kite, winder, straps, and line, ensuring users have everything to get started.



HQ Kites Fluxx 2.2

HQ Kites Fluxx 2.2

The HQ Kites Fluxx 2.2 offers stable flight behavior and automatic relaunch after crashing.

The bundle includes the control bar, a carry bag, "The Way to Fly" instructional DVD, plus extras.



HQ Kites Rush V Pro

HQ Kites Rush V Pro

The HQ Kites Rush V trainer kite offers smooth and stable flying characteristics and comes with a third line for safety and reverse relaunching. It promises excellent light wind performances, too.

This model is designed for enhanced performance, offering a third line for safer and easier power kiting and relaunching.

It's ideal for those entering the power kiting sport, and the package includes a bar control system, making it suitable for kite surf training on land or for those keen on mastering kite handling basics with aspirations to progress to kite surfing or snow kiting.

In case of challenges, releasing the bar will safely ground the kite, allowing for easy restart.

The HQ Rush 5 V Pro Trainer 250 is excellent for kids (under supervision), while the 300 and 350 Pro trainers are suitable for all board sports utilizing a bar.

They provide user-friendly power essential for kiting techniques.

Key features include easy handling, constant power without excessive control, impressive stability, a low aspect ratio for predictable flying, a new profile design for robust pull in various wind conditions, smooth and stable flying traits, durability with reinforced profile and sewn bridling, and a control bar designed for safety and easy relaunch.



Prism Tantrum 220

Prism Tantrum 220

The Prism Tantrum 220 is a dual-line foil kite that carves through the air with impressive speed and pulls when the wind comes up.

With its frameless design, it's easy to set up and resilient against unplanned landings.

When the wind gets strong, this kite pulls hard, providing users with a thrilling experience as they might find themselves dragged down the beach.

It comes ready to fly straight out of the bag and features a padded control bar and safety leash, ensuring ease and safety for novices.

Moreover, there's no strain on the wrists, thanks to its design.

The kite is available in two sizes: the 220 for greater speed and performance in stronger winds and the 250 for those heavier pilots who prefer a more forceful pull in gentler winds.

The kite's frameless nature means less assembly time and more flying. If ever the pull becomes too much, users can release the kite, and the safety leash will prevent it from being carried away by the wind.

It's the perfect trainer kite for smaller pilots and has a wind range of 5 to 25 miles per hour.



Prism Synapse 140

Prism Synapse 140

The Prism Synapse 140 is a fast and agile dual-line trainer kite for absolute beginners.

Its self-inflating parafoil design means you won't lose any parts and won't need to assemble anything.



Flexifoil Big Buzz

Flexifoil Buzz

The Flexifoil Buzz is a two-line, two-meter, safe-to-fly kite with 18-meter color-coded flying lines to ensure a convenient setup and pack down.

It is the perfect introductory kite to power kiting.



Ocean Rodeo React 2.5m

Ocean Rodeo React 2.5m

The Ocean Rodeo React 2.5m is a four-line trainer kite designed for those interested in learning the basics of kite flying and handling.

It is equipped with an inflation pump, a control bar, and 15-meter lines, allowing you to ride just like a regular kitesurfing kite.



Ozone Go V1

Ozone Go V1

The Ozone Go V1 is a single-surface design trainer kite that is easy to set up and fly.

It comes with pre-attached lines, a wrist leash, a control bar, and a bag. It's ready to fly in a wide range of wind conditions.


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