The complete 2012 PKRA World Tour schedule

February 7, 2012 | Kiteboarding

Gold Coast: beautiful kiteboarding scenario

The 2012 PKRA World Tour schedule has been announced. The world's finest kiteboarding championship will kick off in Dakhla, Morocco, on the 28th March, with a Freestyle contest. Riders loved the atmosphere of the Dakhla Attitude camp and the perfect conditions that the lagoon had to offer.

It's promising to be an exciting year with 15 destinations on the calendar giving the opportunity to riders from the farthest corners of the hearth to partake in a PKRA event. There will be 11 Freestyle stops, 8 in Course Racing and a wave event.

A total prize money of over $500.000 is expected to be delivered, for the first time in the history of the PKRA World Tour. In Freestyle, competition judging has been changed. There will be a new scoring system counting the seven best tricks of the heat and a maximum of 12 tricks attempts in 7 minutes.

The goal is to have far better performances and more diversity in the tricks, since the riders will have to land only their best tricks, instead of repeating their easy ones.

The Course Racing division will be the biggest ever done, with eight events on four different continents. For the first time in the Racing discipline, there will be a tour purse at the end of the year, like with the Freestylers, in the past 10 years.

All kiteboarding fans will have the opportunity to follow the 2012 PKRA World Tour live and online, with full access to the water action and live scores, directly from the judging tower.

The 2012 PKRA World Tour schedule goes as follows:

Morocco (Dakhla) March 28 - April 1 Freestyle
France (Leucate) April 7 - 12 Freestyle
Mexico (Playa del Carmen) April 19 - 22 Racing
Netherlands (Scheveningen) May 16 - 20 Freestyle
France (Almanarre) May 24 - 28 Racing
Greece (Mykonos) May 30 - June 4 Freestyle
Venezuela (Adicora) June 13 - 17 Freestyle/Racing
Turkey (Burc Beach) June 27 - July 1 Racing
Germany (St Peter Ording) July 7 - 15 Freestyle/Racing
Fuerteventura (Sotavento) July 31 - August 4 Freestyle
Brazil September 12 - 16 Freestyle
Morocco (Essaouira) October 23 - 28 Waves
New Caledonia November 21 - 25 Freestyle
Australia December 2 - 9 Freestyle/Racing
Vietnam December 12 - 16 Freestyle/Racing

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