The complete roster of the 2013 KSP World Tour

March 28, 2013 | Kiteboarding
KSP World Tour: lines and waves

Guilly Brandao and Kirsty Jones have declined their spot in the 2013 Kite Surf Pro (KSP) World Tour and will be replaced by Pedro Henrique and Kari Schibevaag.

The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and the KSP World Tour have also announced the list of riders that will join the pre-qualified 2012 top 10 male and top 5 female riders on the 2013 KSP Wave World Championship Tour.

Ralph Boelen, Ryan Coote, Gonzalo Gomes, George Ide, Abel Lago, Kevin Langeree, Marciel "Matchu" Lopes Almeida, Mark Moore, Sergey Mysovskiy, Ran Rave and Sky Solbach will join the best male kitesurfers in the planet.

Kristin Boese, Marie Gautron, Melissa Gil, Marina Marselli and Moona Whyte will be invited to join the female roster of riders.

The 2013 KSP World Tour will see kitesurfers from 18 countries battling for the title of best wave kiteboarder in the world. Jose Silva, Kalia Aguera are the wildcard picks by the the KSP World Tour.

Four stops are scheduled in the 2013 KSP World Tour: Guincho (Portugal), Gran Canaria (Spain), Shacks Beach (Puerto Rico) and Ho'okipa (Hawaii).

Male Riders

Keahi DeAboitiz (Cabrinha/AUS)
Mitu Monteiro (F-One/CPV)
Airton Cozzolino (North/ITA)
Patri McLaughlin (North/HAW)
Sebastian Ribeiro (Best/BRA)
Luke McGillewie (RRD/RSA)
Filippe Ferreira (F-One/BRA)
Mauricio Redreira (BRA)
Etienne Lhote (F-One/FRA)
Pedro Henrique (Best/BRA)
Ralph Boelen (FRA)
Ryan Coote (Ozone/IRL)
Gonzalo Gomes (Naish/POR)
George Ide (GBR)
Abel Lago (RRD/ESP)
Kevin Langeree (Naish/NED)
Marciel “Matchu” Lopes Almeida (North/CPV)
Mark Moore (Cabrinha/CAN)
Sergey Mysovskiy (Cabrinha/RUS)
Ran Rave (ISR)
Sky Solbach (North/USA)
Jose Silva

Female Riders

Jalou Langeree (Naish/NED)
Ines Correia (RRD/POR)
Ninja Bichler (North/GER)
Milla Ferreira (F-One/BRA)
Kari Schibevaag (Ozone/NOR)
Kristin Boese (Best/GER)
Marie Gautron (FRA)
Melissa Gil (Cabrinha/CRI)
Marina Marselli (ITA)
Moona Whyte (Cabrinha/HAW)
Kalia Aguera

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