Kitesurf Map: an illustrated kitesurfing map featuring 500 spots

When we talk about maps, it's safe to say that details matter - a lot.

In 2010, a German surfer named Simon Schuetz was searching for a world map with the best surf spots, but he didn't find what he was looking for.

That's when he decided to found Awesome Maps, a startup based between Berlin and Bali that makes illustrated world map posters for the active traveler.

A few years ago, they launched one of their most popular products - the Surftrip Map.

Meanwhile, the German crew diversified their offer, and they now sell travel maps, activity maps, minimalist maps, and DIY maps.

The Map of Love, the Snowtrip Map, and the Yoga Map, for example, are some of their most unique works.

Kitesurf Map: all details are gorgeous

Over 500 Kite Spots

The Kitesurf Map is one of their latest illustrations. The stunning silk-coated, acid-free paper map is re-writable so that you can use a whiteboard marker on it.

"It comes with over 500 of the world's best kitesurfing spots alongside information on style, level, wind direction, water temperature, and peak season," explains Katharina von Schirach, managing director of Awesome Maps.

"The map comes in either paper or an extra large canvas version - the paper comes with a deluxe whiteboard coating that allows you to highlight your favorite spots, track where you've been, or help plan your next adventure."

The Kitesurf Map was illustrated by Lars Seiffert, an animator and designer from Cologne. The tiny hand-drawn details are absolutely lovable and inviting.

Ride your kite near San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, and then jump over mainland America to the other side of the Atlantic, where you'll visit the windy waters of Walvis Bay and the warm gusts of Dubai.

Then, catch a plane to the kite town of El Gouna in Egypt before flying over to Lancelin in Western Australia. On your back home, plan a stopover in Nazaré and ride the waves of Praia do Norte.

The Kitesurf Map is available on paper (38" x 22") for $35 and on canvas (59" x 35") for $140 at

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