2011 KiteFest Alaska 2011 to Homer

February 3, 2011 | Kiteboarding
KiteFest Alaska: cold but fun

The KiteFest Alaska 2011 will be held in Homer, Alaska, on The Spit at Mariner Park, between May 27-29.

KiteFest Alaska is an annual gathering of kiteboarders from around the Alaska. Every year, over 100 kiters descend on Homer to kite, learn to kite, trade or buy gear, meet other Alaskan kiters and to just generally have an amazing time.

Now in its fourth year, KiteFest Alaska has really grown and now brings kiters in from around the country. The event’s sponsors include many leading manufacturers in the kiteboarding industry.

This is the only kiteboarding event in the state. It is run not for profit and those interested in kite sports can come with no equipment or knowledge and learn the basics for free.

The KiteFest Alaska 2011 will include gear auctions, raffles, giveaways, a kite movie night and much more.

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