The Luderitz Speed Challenge 2010 aims for world speed records

May 14, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Luderitz Speed Challenge: speedastic!

The event will take place from 4 to 31 October 2010, at Luderitz in Namibia. The “Luderitz Speed Challenge 2010” will ensure that all possible is done to allow the world and national records to be broken.

“Hydroptère” currently holds the world record with 51.36 knots. The world’s best riders will converge for a month to make the full potential of “2nd Lagoon” a reality.

A 700m long, 10m wide and 50-100cm deep channel will be dig to ensure the best possible water surface is available. It’ll be dug straight the whole way to make the 500m run as short as possible resulting in better averages.

The wooden fence will only be used for the last 100m; a sand chop killer will be used for the first 400m to ensure there are no dangerous obstacles for better safety.

This world record attempt officiated by the “World Sailing Speed Record Council” with the presence of their commissioner. Fabrice David is the race director and will also do the Time keeping.

The safety and security will be improved with a jet ski permanently in the water, it’s engine is in good working order. The rules will be strictly controlled by the race director to avoid incidents. Medical assistance will be on site every day there is racing.

Activities and parties will be suggested each week on the days there’s no racing.

WEEK 1 : 4 – 10 October
WEEK 2 : 11 – 17 October
WEEK 3 : 18 – 24 October
WEEK 4 : 25 – 31 October

Rate : 750€ per week. “Last minute” entry per week will cost 1000€.

Payment :
30% of the total amount must be paid on or before the 30th of June.
The remaining 70% must be paid during the 1st week of September (1-7 September).
A 10% discount will apply if the total amount is paid on or before 30 June.

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