The Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015 kicked off with a new record

October 9, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015: all for the records | Photo: Jonathan Tait/LSC

The quest for world speed sailing records is on. The opening day of the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015 had a new national record.

It's really windy in Namibia, but the picturesque town of Luderitz is not worried about it. Some of the world's best kiteboarders and windsurfers have returned once again to impress the world.

Sebastien Cattelan and his team have handled the power of recent storms, and the speed channel is ready for unbelievable records. The one-kilometer raceway is fine-tuned and ready for 50-knot plus winds.

And old numbers are starting to fall off the scoreboard. Martin Hulinsky, from the Czech Republic, set a new national speed sailing in kiteboarding on his first day, and first ever participation at the Luderitz Speed Challenge. Martin did 40.83 knots.

French kiteboarder Sylvain Hoceini also picked up his 8-meter kite and sailed underpowered and fast at 48.92 knots. Sébastien Salerno rode his 9-meter wing at 47.5 knots.