City Kiter: watch the office buildings, mate | Photo: Rob Kalmbach

When a kiteboarder hits Manhattan, in New York City, he's violating one of the basic kiteboarding rules: do not kite near large buildings or in urban environments.

Mitchell Incoll, the "City Kiter", is not worried and he was not arrested by the NYPD.

The kite was launched in Times Square between tourists, taxis, and huge skyscrapers.

The collection of photographs is quite impressive. The concept represents "a departure from the soft sand and breaking waves that kitesurfers are accustomed to".

In this series, the rider is displaced and his typical environment is stripped away leaving him with the opposite of what a kitesurfer often experiences on the open water: a feeling of space and expanse.

The "City Kiter" launches and looks for an ideal space to kite on the ever-flowing, beating, moving streets of New York City.

If he had a skate, could he ride through the street of NY? We never know.

Mitchell Incoll got several inspirational moments, but it was a Ruben Lenten video demonstrating his insane street kiting stunts in Holland that pumped the "City Kiter", a project photographed by Rob Kalmbach, from Kitesmurf.

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