The nominees for the AKA 2013 Kite Racer of the Year

January 20, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Erika, Tyler, Joey, Johnny and Bryan: nominees for the American Kiteboarding Association 2013 Kite Racer of the Year

Bryan Lake, Erika Heineken, Joey Pasquali, John Heineken and Tybur Reed have nominated for the American Kiteboarding Association 2013 Kite Racer of the Year.

The newly established American Kiteboarding Association (AKA) has picked the first nominees for the Kite Racer of the Year awards.

Bryan Lake, from San Diego, claimed the 2013 PKRA Kite Slalom Racing World Championship, in style, undefeated. From skimboards to foilboards, Bryan just simply goes fast.

Winning a second Kite Racing World Championship title in a row, Erika Heineken definitely showed her mettle in 2013. In addition Erika was Women's champion at the Canadian Nationals, the North Americans, the AC Open, and the American Kiteboard Association's West Coast Tour.

Sausalito resident, multi-discipline kiter, and all around good guy Joey Pasquali makes it all look easy. He has a strong sailing background in the 420, 29er, and 49er fleets and is a pioneer of strapless kiting with a skimboard. He rocketed to the top of the  feet in the 70cm Raceboard Class, and is now one of the top Kite Foilboard riders in the world.

With untouchable skill, blistering speed, and groundbreaking performances Johnny sails at a completely different level. From his legendary, stratospheric snow-kiting jump to his Ronstan Bridge to Bridge record run, the list of accomplishments in 2013 was extremely long. Look for Johnny in the Kite Foilboard fleet in 2014.

Ty Reed has done it all. Hailing from San Diego, Ty was a successful youth dinghy racer all the way to Olympic athlete. In 2013, he racked up a couple of podium finishes in the Kite Class as well. His Master's world title at the 2013 Worlds, in King Bay Bao, and second place at the US National Championship are among them.

The American Kiteboarding Association 2013 Kite Racer of the Year will be announced on February 19th, 2014.