The official roster for the 2019 Red Bull King of the Air

December 10, 2018 | Kiteboarding
Jesse Richman: he won the King of the Air in 2013 | Photo: Van der Heide/Red Bull

Video entries are now closed for the most prolific big air kiteboarding contest in the world.

After much deliberation, the last nine participants have been chosen, and they now secure their place for the ultimate showdown with the hope of taking the title of 2019 Red Bull King of the Air champion.

Kevin Langeree, Liam Whaley and Lewis Crathern, as well as past champions Jesse Richman, Aaron Hadlow, and 2017’s winner Nick Jacobsen have been confirmed for the 2019 event.

In the 2018 edition, the Danish hellman missed out on a chance to defend his title due to injury, but he hopes to return in full power.

The 2019 Red Bull King of the Air will also feature familiar faces like Ruben Lenten, Jerrie Van De Kop, and South Africans Josh Emanuel and Ross Dillon Player.

From GKA to KOTA

But there's a new name joining the field. Carlos Mario, the 2018 GKA Kiteboarding Air Games, Carlos Mario, will make his debut at the event.

"I wanted to compete in the event, but I was nervous about it. I had a fear, and I didn't like doing freestyle in stronger winds," explained Brazilian.

Carlos Mario: he is ready for the King of the Air | Photo: Red Bull

"But after this GKA Air Games season and competing in stronger winds and doing big kite loops, I feel much more ready to compete in Red Bull King of the Air."

Dominican Republican star Posito Martinez will also join Carlos Mario.

All in all, the top nine performers from last year will battle against nine riders chosen from the video entries competition and wildcards.

The renowned kiteboarding competition will return to Kite Beach, Cape Town - arguably the Cape's Mecca for kitesurfing - for the second time early next year.

The waiting period runs from late January through early February 2019. The contest will run on the windiest day.

2019 Red Bull King of the Air | Riders' List

Aaron Hadlow (UK)
Aurelien Petreau (FRA)
Carlos Mario (BRA)
Gijs Wassenaar (NED)
Jerrie Van De Kop (NED)
Jesse Richman (USA)
Joshua Emanuel (RSA)
Kevin Langeree (NED)
Lasse Walker (NED)
Lewis Crathern (UK)
Liam Whaley (ESP)
Marc Jacobs (NZL)
Nick Jacobsen (DEN)
Posito Martinez (DOM)
Ross Dillon Player (RSA)
Ruben Lenten (NED)
Sam Light (UK)
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