The one-legged kiteboarder girl

October 23, 2017 | Kiteboarding
Frances Osorio Rivera: the one-legged kiteboarder girl

Frances Osorio Rivera is just another kiteboarder. The only noticeable difference is that she rides the winds of her favorite spots with one only one leg.

The amputee kiteboarding instructor in a United States Army veteran. Despite having lost her left leg training while training for a kite contest in 2011, Rivera has a strong will to stay active.

And she is determined to share her skills and passion with other wounded veterans of war. The one-legged kiteboarder girl is already an advanced rider. She pulls off complex tricks and aerial maneuvers that never reveal her physical disability.

Rivera began riding her kite using an initial temporary prosthesis. Later, and after a few adjustments, she got her anatomically fit definitive prosthesis which dramatically improved her daily life.

After all, if Bethany Hamilton can paddle her surfboard with one arm, why shouldn't a kiteboarder ride a kite without one leg.

Frances, who has a Puerto Rican heritage, also enjoys paragliding, stand-up paddleboarding, wakeboarding, mountain climbing, and cliff diving. 

What's her advice for anyone in her situation? "Just keep going." And that's precisely what life and kiteboarding are all about.