The Snowkite World Championship is set to Reschensee

January 20, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Snowkite World Cup

The Snowkite - World Championship will be held from Jan 29th -31st, in Reschensee, Italy. The best Snowkiters around the World meet at the spectacular location of Reschensee. They battle the Worldchampion title in freestyle/Park and Race.

Following the International German Championship with participants from all over the world since 2008 the time came to announce the Event as a Snowkite World Championchip.

Pascal Matzke Event coordinator of the venue says: "the frozen Lake Reschensee is well established in the Snowkite Community and has high reputation for granting powder snow and wind. Those are the two key for a successful event and thus the reason why we decided to organize the Snowkite World Championchip 2010 in Reschensee / Süd Tirol."

The organizers are awaiting athletes from Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Russia and Scandinavia. At the three competition days the athletes from around the globe take their journeys towards the beautiful landscape with the sunk church. The little village offers all opportunities for spectators to follow the sport and enjoy some hot drinks.

The sport of snowkiting is similar to Kiteboarding; the main difference is that the Snowkiter uses Snowboards or Ski instead a kiteboard. The Snowkite World Championchip has two Disciplines: Freestyle/ Park and Race.

At the race the athletes perform a triangle course similar to sailing. Speed and tactics decide who finishes first. Good conditions provide maximum speeds up to 100 km/h. At the Freestyle/Park competition the rider perform high jumps with rotations. Also so called kickers and rails can be used to perform similar tricks like in skateboarding.

The titles will be give after three days of tough competitions and hot parties. The titles will be given for the six categories Female/male and Freestyle-Park/ Race as well as Ski and Snowboard.

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