The strapless adventure from La Ventana to Los Barriles

April 28, 2012 | Kiteboarding
La Ventana to Los Barriles: a strapless kiteboarding adventure

Ian, Mac and Taylor, instructors at ExotiKite Kiteboarding School, have successfully linked La Ventana to Los Barriles, in the Gulf of California, Mexico. The 40-mile kiteboarding journey kicked off at 11am and ended up at 2:30pm.

The downwind challenge had never been tried before, so kiteboarders had a support boat near them, in case anything went wrong.

The swell was big on the outside so they had to go very slowly and almost flipped the boat motoring up a huge swell. Ian was riding a Ian 9m North Rebel and strapless 5'8" Whip, Taylor a 10m Evo and 5'6" Whip and Mac was in a 9m Evo and 5'5" Whip.

As they passed the point in La Ventana, a whale breached 50 yards away from Mac and Ian. They rode the flat water on the downwind side of the point for a bit and then headed out to sea to make a diagonal reach from the point to Las Tinas.

This open water portion of the journey took almost two hours. The wind was light and fluky and they were working the kites much of the time just to maintain a plane.

The best wind of the entire challenge was discovered at Punta Pescadero. Everyone rode the swell and enjoyed that portion of the trip. They were greeted with cheers from those that caught wind of the adventure when they hit the beach at Los Barriles.

Will they do it again? "From El Cardinal down, absolutely!", said Ian. Riding strapless for three and a half hours. Pretty impressive.

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