The Trax Windsports Centre in UK opens after summer

February 10, 2010 | Kiteboarding
St Annes Pier, Lancashire, UK

The long-awaited Trax Windsports Centre, planned for St Annes, will be delayed at least until the end of summer.

The future sports center for kitesurfing, kite buggying, and mini-sand-yachting will not open on time because local authorities want to be absolutely sure that all the equipment's safety procedures are taken seriously.

The opening delay for the Trax Windsports Centre happens with a deadly accident fresh in memory. Eight years ago, Carole Cruz lost her life in a sand-yachting accident.

Now, qualified personnel is being trained and local leisure and tourism powers are working closely with the Trax Windsports Centre in order to get kitesurfers in action as soon as possible.