Toby Braeuer crowned Asian Old Skool champion

February 24, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Toby Braeuer: time for an aerial rest

Toby Braeuer, Sam Medysky and Pavel Christiankov have conquered the C2Sky Freestyle Raid and Asian Old Skool Championships, at Mui Ne, in Vietnam. The event was support by Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA).

Despite the variable wind conditions over the week, all good weather moments were fully used to watch hardcore action in the Freestyle, Old Skool and Big Air disciplines.

"Without a title sponsor for this event, we had been concerned if we could still pull it off, but in the end this round showed us all that the passion for kiteboard competition is a strong as ever in Asia", explains Neil Godbold, KTA founding director.

"This was a fantastic grassroots up effort from all concern; the riders, local sponsors, the tour brand sponsors and our own KTA team - nice one to all concern".

In this round of the KTA Asian Tour, the usual Olympic potential discipline of course racing stepped aside to allow riders to focus solely on the jumps and trick side of the sport with the second round of the Asian Freestyle Tour and the first every Asian Old Skool Championships.

While the freestyle rider focuses his efforts on fast low combinations of technical tricks that owe a lot to wakeboarding for inspiration, Old Skool is for many the essence of kiteboarding, with its high flying board-off tricks and multi-rotational moves.

Certainly the latter is a big crowd pleaser and with the wind strength reaching 30 knots on the main competition day, no one left disappointed and Asia became the first region in the world to appoint champions in this kiteboard disciple.

Toby Braeuer pulled 450 tricks, board kick flips, mega rotations, overhead board spins, leg passes and even a deadman board flip. He is the incredible kiteboarding stuntman. Astrid Berz, Nanette van der Snoek and Julia Deip Anh took the first places in the Asian Old Skool Championship, Freestyle and Big Air, respectively.

Asian Old Skool Championship | Results

1. Toby Braeuer (GER)
2. Sam Medysky (CAN)
3. Phi Hai Long (VIE)

1. Astrid Berz (SUI)
2. Nanette van der Snoek (NED)
3. Julia Deip Anh Thu (VIE)


1. Sam Medysky (CAN)
2. Merek Rowinski (POL)
3. Ken Nacor (PHI)

1. Nanette van der Snoek (NED)
2. Jannicke Stav (NOR)
3. Ali Dudfield (AUS)

Big Air

1. Pavel Christiankov (RUS)
2. Phu Lai Hoang (VIE)
3. Phi Lai Hong (VIE)

1. Julia Deip Anh (VIE)
2. Regina Khvatkina (RUS)
3. Katarzyna Lange (POL)

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