Tricks and winds set Leucate on fire

April 26, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Marc Jacobs: uplifted

Sun and wind keep visiting Leucate for the 2011 PKRA France. After the trial contest, the race director opened the Mondial du Vent main event.

Despite the gusty winds, it was time for an afternoon full of exciting freestyle single elimination action. In the men’s division, the Dominican Republic kiteboarders were extremely focused and caused upsets in the elimination ladder.

Luis Alberto Cruz was one of the riders who performed exceptionally for the large crowd of spectators on the beach.

Cruz had a few tricks up his sleeve, landing a one-handed Late Mobe with his kite practically inches above the water as well as double handle passes, an outstanding 313 with a super low kite position which enable him to eliminate his opponents such as Mario Rodwald in the first round as well as Andy Yates in a 5/0 judge’s decision, followed by Mikael Blomvall in the third round due to his cleaner executions, variety of tricks as well as kite position.

Robinson Hilario was also riding extremely well executing a variety of difficult tricks against his opponents such as a Front Mobe 5, 315, and an Indy Grab double 313 pass defeating Tjin Van Esch in the first round as well as Alex Pastor in the second round who executed four switch tricks which would not be enough to surpass Hilario’s cleaner executions and variety of technical tricks.

Hilario went on to eliminate Marc Jacobs in the third round where the competition came to a halt due to the fierce rain and thunderstorm weather conditions, which moved into the area rather quickly. Reno Romeu, Alberto Rondina, Sebastien Garat as well as Youri Zoon all move into the third round which will resume tomorrow.

In the women’s freestyle single elimination division, Marie Switala advanced from the first round moving her into the second round against Karolina Winkowska who eliminated Switala in a 5-0 judge’s decision. Winkowska moves on to challenge Bruna Kajiya in the third round. Asia Litwin as well as Gisela Pulido defeated their contenders today moving them up the ladder to meet each other in the third round, which will resume tomorrow. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.