Tuning a kiteboard with the mp3 sound system

March 16, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Tuning: let's pump the kite board

Kiteboarding is an exciting extreme sport. The kiteboarding community is growing every month, all over the globe. Sailing can be fun and thrilling, but wouldn't it be nice to take a ride on the wild side?

Surfers are adding pressure sensors, GPS and other electronic devices in their surfboards. We've also seen LED lights embedded in surfboards. So, what could the kiteboarding industry develop to pump the gear?

SurferToday.com has been thinking of a few innovative plugins that could be applied to the wave and wind sports. That's why a complete hi-fi sound system would be a great innovation.

Today, it's easy to get six waterproof sound speakers and MP3 player. They're light and could easily be embedded in a kiteboard. Whether you're a Coldplay, Iron Maiden or Johann Sebastian Bach fan, it's to enjoy a kitesurfing session with your favorite songs.

The first one - rider or company - to turn this idea into a real kite board, will certainly get our attention. Show us it's possible and make it a profitable business.

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