US riders found the American Kiteboarding Association

September 18, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Kiteboarding: US riders have founded the American Kiteboarding Association

A group of North American kiteboarders is putting up the American Kiteboarding Association (AKA), a governing body for the sport in USA.

US kiteboarders have been riding on their own. There are several regional and state kiteboarding organizations, but the country has never set up an official governing body.

Things may change in the next months. Riders from Team Fluid have founded the American Kiteboarding Association (AKA), a non-profit institutions that aims to meet the requirements to represent USA in International Kiteboarding Association (IKA).

As kiteboarding moves to Olympic waters, US kiteboarders need to organize their network of members, competitions and national titles. Interestingly, the fastest sailor on Earth is Rob Douglas, an American rider.

The entire bureaucracy is almost done. The American Kiteboarding Association wants to focus on racing issues that have impact in the national and international scene.

The founders of AKA also want to lobby for new course rules and other official kite changes. The new organizations is calling new members to join AKA. Johnny Heineken, Andrew Koch and Adam Koch are part of Team Fluid.

Team Fluid is a group of kiteboarders competing as a team. All members train together as a single unit and their competition focus is on at least one team member winning a regatta, through unified de-briefing and sharing knowledge learned.