US speed kiteboarders aim for last minute record in Namibia

October 22, 2010 | Kiteboarding

NASSP: they need a doctor in the team

North American Speed Sailing Project (NASSP) team members spent Thursday mostly in relaxation mode as light winds continued to plague the Luderitz region. Coach Gebi and Rick got some sailing in on their freeride equipment at the 2nd Lagoon on their 8 and 10 meter kites and twin tips.

Rob spent some time repairing his NPX wetsuit which suffered major blowout from a nasty over-the-sand wipeout a few days earlier. GPS readings showed Rob going down at over 50 knots in the speed trench.

Rick, an eye witness of the crash, saw Rob get dragged approximately 50 meters after impacting the leeward sandbank of the trench at over 52 knots, getting airborne and then hitting the sand.

Morgan’s hand is looking good but has not yet to been tested with full sailing hand pressure and complete sea water immersion. That should take place today as Jamie, Bill and Morgan hope to record their first official speeds of this year’s contest. Friday’s winds look to be just strong enough to run the trench.

Updated weather forecasts have wind returning for Friday thru Monday with possible record conditions during the period. Long range forecasts are sensing possible strong pressure for next weekend, the last few days of the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2010.

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