War breaks in the Australasian kiteboarding region

June 2, 2012 | Kiteboarding
KTA and AKSA: war has broken

A war has broken in the Australasian kiteboarding region between Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA), the Australian Kite Surfing Association (AKSA) and local contest organizers.

Apparently, the KTA Australian Open and Australian Kiteboarding Nationals would be supported and promoted by the KTA team, but a last-minute funding from sponsors forced an immediate cancellation.

The KTA team had already booked flights to Australia, didn't receive proper communication from the Australian organizers and the KTA name was not removed from the official event promotion.

"It appears, after talking to the AKSA, that they have also organized race and event teams for the competition, duplicating what the KTA had been asked to provide", explains KTA. "The AKSA made it clear to us that no overseas riders would be covered by the event insurance. It covers only AKSA members".

"The KTA feels it has been used by local organizers to boost the credibility of this event and the KTA name and sanction was used to get an international ranking level", the KTA statement says.

Meanwhile, the International Kiteboarding Associations has removed this event from the official calendar. Ranking points and sanction will no longer apply.