Warrnambool invites the best Wave kitesurfers

December 22, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Kitesurfing in Asutralia: always jumping like cangurus

Australia is on fire. The best wind riders are training and converging to the 2011 AKSA National Wave Kitesurfing Championships.

The event will take place between February 3rd-7th, in Warrnambool. The largest regional city of Victoria’s coastline has incredible beaches and is the perfect spot for pro and amateur kiteboarders.

“Warrnambool is the top spot for consistent swells and plenty of wind, we are sure the City won’t disappoint!”, said Mike Neoh, Mayor of Warrnambool. Kitesurfing is growing very rapidly in Australia and the Wave contests are flocking in the country of surfing.

All free ride event competitors have the chance of winning spot prizes.

The beach party kicks off with local DJ’s playing on the beach both Thursday & Friday, then ramps up up on Saturday with Andy Murphy, Heath Renata vs Kizzam, Chardy, Gentex, Kalus & DJ Ontime vs Nick James. Sunday band lineup includes Tom Richardson Project, Muph & Plutonic, Mantra, The Melodics and Phrase.

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