Wave kitesurfers get world tour in dream spots

February 10, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Wave kitesurfing: they like to be called surfers

The International Kiteboarding Association has announced the creation of the 2011 Wave Kiteboarding Championships. The competition will be completed with two stages.

The first one will be run through the PKRA World Tour. With a series of not less than six wave events scheduled for 2011, the battle will be fierce to win one of the coveted tour cards that will allow participation in the world championship finals.

The second stage - the finals - will be run by the KiteSurf Pro (KSP), a new tour set up by a group of the world's finest wave riders, including PKRA Wave Committee members Guilly Brandao, Mitu Monterio, Sky Solbach and Kristin Boese. The KSP aims to to hold events in so-called "dream locations".

Qualification for a spot in the KSP is only possible by competing and placing on the PKRA World Tour or by getting one of the few wildcards that will be available through application to the IKA or the local organizer.

Top eight male riders and four female riders from the 2010 PKRA tour season are already qualified for the 2011 season. Another eight slots are available through the 2011 PKRA World Tour ranking, until one month before the start of the KiteSurf Pro. The number of participants is limited to 24 men and 12 women.

"The feedback and support from the riders, industry and local organizers has been overwhelmingly positive. At this point our main priority is to set up the KSP as a non-profit-association, finalize the details of a cooperation between the IKA and KSP and remain in constant contact with our local organizers to ensure our dream events will happen", says Kristin Boese, a KSP supporter.