What about a Kiteamaran, sailors?

December 20, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Kiteamaran: add a catamaran, a kite, and sail away

When you go sailing with a 17-foot catamaran and an 18-meter kiteboarding kite, it's Kiteamaran time.

No, it's not over, there are still inventions to be developed in the kiteboarding lab. This time, the Waterlust crew decided to blend an old NACRA 5.2 performance catamaran with a Cabrinha Velocity kite.

The result is odd, but it works. Six sailors aboard being pushed by kite and wind. The team sailed away, at a quite reasonable speed, around Biscayne Bay, in Miami, Florida.

NACRA started in the USA as an acronym for "North American Catamaran Racing Association", in 1975.

Waterlust is a community of water lovers that began as an adventure to how people interact with water, through marine science, sport and art.

The collective has filmed "Ola Libre", a movie aimed at exploring and supporting the emerging surf culture of Cuba.

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