Kiteboarding with a fridge door: looks promising

Kiteboarders are getting more and more creative. Can you imagine sailing away with a fridge door or a wood plank? A team of innovative kitesurfers gave it a go.

They're asking us: "can you kite it? What can be kitesurfed?" Felix Pivec, the "strapless guru", and Greta Menardo, the "kite Babe", met up in Mokuleia, on the Oahu's North Shore for an unusual challenge.

What's the craziest thing you can kite? The first object passed the test. Kiteboarding with a snowboard doesn't make sense, but it works. In a way, snow is water, and water can be snow.

The second exam was the giant thong. Pivec tried it and enjoyed the feeling. Nice hydrodynamics, indeed. Up next, the flutter board. Fantastic job. Why don't we ride it every single day?

Greta Menardo tested the paddling pool, and she ended up showing the widest smile. What a great board. Unfortunately, the inflatable fish, the water mattress, and the trash lid won't have a future in kiteboarding.

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