What happens when a skateboard goes kiteboarding?

May 28, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Kite Skating: two sports in one

A group of water sports enthusiasts is blending kiteboarding with skateboarding. The result could only be kite skating.

When you think a skateboard, you imagine small finless planks, grip tape, and tricks. Multiple maneuvers. Now, if you're willing to take the street action sport into the water, then grab a kite a hit the freestyle button.

The self-titled Kite Skate Lab collective is pushing the limits of kiteboarding with new approaches, and new riding techniques. They leave foot straps behind and ask their fellow wakeboarders a few ramps and obstacles.

Kite skating puts the focus on the board. If you fail to pull a trick, go back and get the board under your feet again. First challenge: complete a kickflip. Want more? Watch a couple of Tony Hawk videos.

The kite skateboards are inspired by three extreme sports: kiteboarding, skateboarding and wakeboarding. What you want to do out in the flats is in your imagination. Go for it.

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