Who said you can't get barreled in kitesurfing?

November 8, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Robert Kidnie: lined and barreled

Robert Kidnie has shown kite lines are no problem when you really want to get barreled deep in the wave.

A kitesurfer getting barreled? Is that possible? The correct answer is "yes, but it's rare and difficult."

Robert Kidnie has been traveling around the globe with his kitesurfing gear and skills. On a recent trip to Southeast Asia, in search of wind, he transformed what is usually rare into an "easy" task.

"No kite-mares, but some pretty sketchy wipeouts. I got dragged by three waves one time when I dropped it in a wave. That was scary! But both me and my kite survived", says Kidnie.

Ride a kite wave, just like in surfing. Your body and surfboard positions in the wave are similar, but the kite part is harder.

Try to get the kite lines coming out of the barrel almost parallel to the sea level, avoiding the wave lip hitting them as much as possible.

In above-average kitesurfing conditions, everything is possible, but Kidnie clearly shows there are no limits in the kiting world.