Why should a surfer get into kitesurfing?

August 12, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Ben Wilson: he wants more tangled lines out in the water

Kitesurfers want more surfers to get into the wind riding sport. Pro kiteboarder Ben Wilson and friends have published a video where they point out five reasons why a surfer should get into kitesurfing.

Traveling, getting the most out of the power of a kite, surf crowd, being an alternative wave sport and the learning curve are the most important issues underlined by the riders.

"If you're on a surf trip and it gets windy you just sit around. All you have to do is grab a kite and go surf", says Josh Mulcoy. "Right now, kitesurfing is like being a surfer in the 60's. There are only so many people doing it".

"People say 'oh kiting is so much gear you have to pack it and bring it'. There's no difference in traveling with a kite", Mulcoy adds.

"You can get way more power from the kite rather than surfing. When you're kiting, you can get the power of the wave and the power of the kite. You don't have to worry about getting stuck behind sections", says Ian Alldredge.

These kiteboarders also believe surfing is crowded and a kite lets you escape, reach new and unexplored spots where a surfer could not reach by simply paddling out.

"It's a similar sensation you get, but it is so different the approaches you can get with the kite comparing to just paddle surfing. It's the ultimate extension to surfing", Josh Mulcoy.

And what about the learning curve?

"In the past, learning to kitesurf was pretty daunting with the safety side of things. These days, with modern technology, it's really fast and safe to get into kiteboarding especially if you're a surfer. With one or two lessons you'll be up and riding", explains Ben Wilson.

Watch what they have to tell to all surfers.