Young kite freestylers crowned in Sant Pere Pescador

July 5, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Sant Pere Pescador: kites are everywhere

The winners of the 2014 PKRA/IKA Freestyle Junior World Championship have been crowned at Sant Pere Pescador, in Spain.

In the last day of competition, the Boys 12-14 saw Maxime Chabloz making his way up the ladder and advancing two spots. Christian Tio managed to move up a spot from his finish in the single elimination, until Tom Bridge put a stop to his climb, taking the world champion title.

In the Boys 14-16, the top four remained in their spots from the singles. Andrea Vicani made a valiant effort winning three heats, advancing the most spots for the day, before finally falling to Guy Bridge. Noe Font takes the title.

In the Girls 13-16 final, Vera Klabbers demonstrated that she was deserving of the title by riding with power and speed, landing a S-Bend to Blind, Back-to-Wrap, and a Blind Judge, securing the world title and giving us our first Junior Freestyle World Champion of the event.

In the Girls Under 13 final, riders were clearly pushing themselves, amping on the thrill of competition and the screams and whistles from the beach. In the end, it was Claudia Leon with her aggressive riding, taking home the title.

In the Boys Under 12, Karim Mahmoud sealed the title due to his consistent riding and solid unhooked tricks. Mahmoud went out pushing his competitors to a higher level, and won his third and final heat of the event.

2014 PKRA/IKA Freestyle Junior World Championship

Boys 14-16: Noe Font (ES)
Boys 12-14: Tom Bridge (UK)
Boys Under 12: Karim Mahmoud (EG)
Girls 13-16: Vera Klabbers (NL)
Girls Under 13: Claudia Leon (ES)

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