PKRA Tenerife: is that surfing or kiteboarding?

It was yet another day with extremely strong and turbulent winds here in El Medano, Tenerife, Spain. Rider’s, staff and crew were basically in a war against the wind. The wind speed this morning peaked at 52 knots, but is forecasted to drop a little as the day progresses. There’s a motivational saying lingering around the event site today, “go hard or go home!”

The men’s wave trial eliminations began early this morning in El Medano. Mark Shinn (Shinn, GBR), Johnno Scholte (Slingshot, NED), Jan Marcos Riveras (Starkites,), Javier Dias (JN Kites, ESP), Sky Solbach (North, USA), Luis Pardo (ESP), Ewaw Hill (SCO), Bollard Bastien (F-One, FRA), Pablo Fernandez (Cabrinha, ESP), Guillermo Jimenez (Wainman, ESP), Miguel Ruiz Quezada (RRD, ESP) and Frederick Zamora (North, PUR) all moved on to the main event.

The main wave event kicked off shortly after 2:00pm in El Cabezo, which is just a short distance upwind from El Medano beach.

In the men’s wave division a total of three rounds were completed. Abel Lago (RRD, ESP), Guilly Brandao (Mormaii, BRA), Bruno Bordorsky (RRD, BRA), Mitu Monteiro (F-One, CPV), Tom Hebert (Airush, NCL), Youri Zoon (Slingshot, NED), Rafael Aguado (North, ESP) and Ian Glaza (Mormaii, BRA) all move from the first round into the third round. Sebastien Garat (RRD, FRA) eliminated Javier Dias (JN Kites, ESP) but was later defeated by Abel Lago (RRD, ESP) in the third round.

Lago was really on top of his game, cutting with great power and style. Brazilian rider Guilly Brandao (Mormaii, BRA) had a successful day with great tacks all the way down the line moving him into the fourth round, which will resume tomorrow. Bruno Bordorsky (RRD, BRA) was also in top shape defeating Brazilian Filippe Ferreira in the third round moving him into the fourth round against Mitu Monteiro (F-One, CPV). Mark Shinn (Shinn, GBR) defeated Diego Anta from Spain in the second round but was later eliminated by Mitu Monteiro (F-One, CPV) in the third round due to an overall better new school style and power.

Youri Zoon (Slingshot, NED) had a great first round but was later eliminated my Ewaw Hill who moves into the third round due to his faster and more powerful cuts and turns. Sky Solbach (North, USA) had a great first round in the trials this morning, which led him to the second round in the main event against Miguel Ruiz Quezada (RRD, ESP).

Solbach defeated Ruiz Quezada leading him into the third round against the 2010 Moroccan wave event champion, Ian Glaza (Mormaii, BRA). Glaza wiped out on the first wave crashing his board into the rocks destroying his fin boxes. Glaza lost nearly 2 minutes in an attempt to reach a second board while Solbach takes the win with higher scoring waves.

In the women’s wave division a total of two rounds were completed today. Ania Grzelinska (North, POL) moves into the third round as well as Gisela Pulido (Airush, ESP) due to their impressive style. Ainhoa Garcia (Airush, ESP) and Kari Schibevaag (Ozone, NOR) also move into the third round due to their powerful cuts and higher scoring waves.

In the second round Angela Peral (North, ESP) defeated Almudena Naranjo (F-One, ESP) leading her into the third round against Grzelinska, which will be the first women’s heat tomorrow. Brazilian rider Milla Ferreira defeats Holly Kennedy (North, GBR) due to her overall better wave performance and style. French rider Penelope Pessin also moves into the third round defeating Spanish rider Laura Fernandez (Cabrinha, ESP).

Tomorrow’s mandatory riders’ meeting is scheduled at 10:30am for freestyle with a first possible 11:00am and 12:00pm for wave competitors.

Seat Kitesurf-Trophy: focused and ready for the final leg

The last tour stop of the 2010 German Kitesurfing Championships will take place at Südstrand/Fehmarn. The best German kitesurfers will be crowned this weekend.

In the men's freestyle competition, Stefan Permien, Mario Rodwald and Niklas Huntgeburth are only separated by a few points, so the fight is completely open at the moment.

The women's freestyle competition is also very close, where Anne Valvatne and Heike Wyszick both have good chances to wind the title. In the race competition, Gunnar Binniasch and Sabrina Lutz are on their way to win the championship.

The wind forecast for Fehmarn looks good at the moment with winds from northerly and easterly directions on Saturday and Sunday.

Skagen, Denmark: wind and beautiful beaches for kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is growing fast in Denmark. The Danish are known for enjoying sailing and other water sports like windsurfing. Kenneth Danielsen is one the most hyped windsurfers in Denmark.

In the end of the 90's there were only a few hundred windsurfers in this country. Today, the number of kite fans has increased. Denmark has 7,314 kilometres of coastline which is absolutely great for kitesurfing fans.

The climate is temperate with Autumn being the wettest season and Spring the driest one. thinks every pro or amateur kitesurfer should try some of the spots Denmark has to offer.

Basically, this country is a large peninsula, Jutland, and many islands, bordering the Baltic and the North Sea. The best kitesurfing spots in Denmark are:

Åkrogen (inland, near Horsens)
Allerød (near Copenhagen)
Amager (near Copenhagen)
Bork Havn (W)
Bugten near Aarhus (E)
Hanstholm (NW)
Hvide Sande (W)
Ishøj (near Copenhagen)
Klitmøller (NW)
Klitmøller (NW)
Øer ved Ebeltoft (NE)
Ringkøbing Fjord (W)
Rømø, (W)

In 2008, wind power produced 18,9% of all electricity of Denmark. The country holds the largest wind turbine industry of Planet Earth. So, it's time to pack your kite and enjoy the power of Denmark.