Play "Kiteboard Hero" on your smartphone or tablet

Have you ever dreamed of playing a kiteboarding game? Wait no more. "Kiteboard Hero" is available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The game was developed by Core Kites and Mind Pump Games and promises to deliver the real feel of riding a kite. With 3D graphics and realistic physics "Kiteboard Hero" will certainly take a few hours of your spare time.

Alternatively, if the wind isn't blowing, you can always grab your smartphone and play one of the three modes available: the Training Camp, the Freeride, and the Challenge Mode.

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Five essential knots a kiteboarder must know

Every sailor knows how to tie essential knots. And because kiteboarding is a sailing sport, we invite you to explore the most useful knots for your kite.

Knots play a critical role in kiteboarding. If you don't master them, sooner or later you will have problems in the water, or even launching/landing the kite.

For example, if you're riding your kite several miles off the coast and line breaks, you should be able to make a few emergency repairs. Believe or not, in many cases, a smart knot can save your life.

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How to recycle your old kite

Have you ever asked yourself what to do with an old kite? Take a look at a few things you can create by recycling your disintegrated wing. Discover new uses for your old kite sail. 

Modern kites are robust and quite durable, but nothing stands the test of time, especially if you're an avid kiteboarder who is constantly pushing the limits of the sport in 30-knot plus winds.

Repairs in the kite canopy can extend the lifetime of your favorite sail, but you will reach a point where nothing can be done to resuscitate a ten-year-old kite.

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