PKRA Argentina: speed time

It was yet another spectacular day in Lake Nahuel Huapi for the Kitesurf World Cup Bariloche 2010. The wind was yet again in full force this morning at the mandatory skippers meeting.

Freestylers took the back seat today for most of the day and were released in the early afternoon due to the weather conditions which were more favorable for the racers.

Race director, Erik Troostheide rushed to re-arrange and set the racing course for today. A total of four races were completed under sunny blue skies and moderate winds. Racers were out on 10m kites and seemed to be enjoying themselves despite the brisk wind and the frigid water.

A large number of racers tangled during the start of the first race of the day causing many problems. A rescue boat was on the scene soon after the entanglement catastrophe and rescued a few riders floating in the cold water. Three or four riders were able to get their kites back up in the air, regaining composure and followed through with the race.

German rider, Dirk Hanel (North, GER) took advantage of this mess lead most of the race and was able to remain in the lead finishing in first place. Hanel has been struggling in previous races but managed to earn his best results in a series of races.

California sunny boy John Heineken (Ozone, USA) had complications in the first race due to the entanglement catastrophe however managed to shake the stress away and finished first in the last three consecutive races of the day with a huge marginal lead over all the other competitors.

Julien Kerneur (Takoon, FRA) has been speeding his way across the finish line and managed to finish second in the first two races of the day and third in the last two races. Olivier Dansin (North, FRA) has also been riding strong, managing to keep up with his strategic tactics earning him third place in the first two races of the day followed by second place in the last two races.

In the women’s racing division, it was a winning day for French rider Caroline Adrien (Cabrinha, FRA). Adrien suffered from the tangles in the first race of the day finishing third, however managed to finish first in the following three consecutive races.

Adrien is well in the lead of the women’s racing division here in Bariloche finishing first in 5 out of 6 races. Brazilian rider Nayara Licarinoo (North, BRA) did not let the cold water slow her down finishing second in the last three consecutive races while Kari Schibevaag (Ozone, NOR) managed to take first place in the first race, third place in the following two consecutive races and fourth in the final race.

Melissa Gil (Cabrinha, CRC) had a great first race today taking second place however struggled to find the finish line marker in the following races.

Tomorrow’s wind forecast is looking promising yet again. The mandatory skippers meeting is scheduled for 10:00am with a first possible start of 10:30am for the continuation of the freestyle double eliminations.

Brighton Beach: it's Australia, not the UK

Kristin Boese is doing a great job with the KB4girls 2010 World Tour. The hard task of spreading the kiteboard word around the globe is a virtuous initiative.

The female coaching clinic tour has been increased. Between December 3rd-4th, the kiteboarding champion is heading to Brighton Beach, in Australia, to motivate girls competing in kiteboarding contests.

"I want to help them to have a positive first experience on the competition scene and also motivate those that are not that far along yet to push themselves further and hopefully join in the future.”, says Boese.

The clinic will be limited to 30 girls. The cost of will be 30 AUS$ that will go towards the Surfrider Foundation Europe, a partner of KB4girls that strives to protect oceans and beaches around the world.

Karen Lang: anybody in heaven?

Flying high is becoming an enthusiastic challenge for world kitesurfers. In Maui, Hawaii, the local wind riders have put up an informal competition in order to record the highest kite jumps.

Did anyone touch the sky? Well, yes indeed. With the helping tech brain of ShadowBox - a GPS unit packed with additional sensors that can detect jump height, spin rotation, hang time, 3D-distance traveled, G-forces, board-trim and much more - several winners were crowned.

The highest kite jump was achieved by John McCabe. He simply reached an incredible height of 57,6 feet. The first Annual Kiteboarding Jump Party Maui was a tremendous success with 28 kitesurfers attending the event.

Final Results:


Grand Masters

1st Steve Sadler 43,2


1st Greg Orlandella 46,3
2nd Mark Stevens 39,8
3rd Curt Scott 38,6


1st Sam Utley 55,6
2nd Phil Sobolev 46,9
3rd Stamati Stamatiou 45,9

Under 30

1st John McCabe 57,6
2nd Aaron Blankenbyl 51,33
3rd Chas Edwards 49,2


Grand Masters

1st Karen Lang 27,5


1st Diana Pond Klase 27,7


1st Natasha Gronski 37,3
2nd Caprice Winnaman 30,1

Under 30

1st Raqual de Lima 39,9