In 2009, plan a trip to New Brunswick. More precisely to Caraquet. Roch Chiasson and his group have been busy trying to organize a wind and kite event as part of the Congrès mondial acadien which will be held in 2009.

Our event will be held on our regular weekend, August 1 to 3, 2009, and the kite event will be held two weeks later. Roch has reserved 10 rooms for us at the Super 8 in Caraquet.

If you want to stay there, book your room asap as the area is going to be very busy at that time. The manager has been given a list of current members so when you call (1-506-727-0888), mention that you belong to the CMWA and give your name and you should have no problem reserving a room.

If you were not a member in 2008 but would like to join again in 2009 and participate in our championship, let Suzanne Roberge know.

This has been done because people have been trying to obtain rooms by saying they belonged to a group when they don’t. There are 4 rooms with a balcony on the water side ($189 incl. breakfast) and 6 on the other side ($169 incl. breakfast).

If you look at the image gallery you will notice a big grassy area. That is where we will rig and leave our equipment under the watch of a security guard. The motel is located on the beach and we can sail from there. I’m told that during our weekend, there will be fireworks and local musical groups to entertain us as it is the Festival acadien de Caraquet that weekend.

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It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority has agreed to extend their permit by an extra 300m south of the Torrens Mouth at Henley Beach South.

Under the new permit, effective immediately, SAKSA members can now fly their kites as far south as the Henley Sailing Club at the end of Burbridge Road. It’s a sizable extension given that the south side of the Torrens mouth is often less populated and opens up the total beach access at Henley South to almost 1km.

The northern border of the access still remains at Gilmore Rd and we’re still encouraging members to use the less populated beach next to the Torrens Mouth.

The new permit is more protective however. CASA has revoked the previous permit and put the new condition of a permit expiry in place for the WHOLE area; which means we are all required to follow the rules and reapply upon expiry in 2010, or risk losing access all together.

Other conditions include a maximum distance out to sea of 500m and a 30m kite flying height limit. Whilst they are more restrictive, they are generally easy to abide by. CASA has had cases of kites showing up in Air Traffic Control and have strongly urged us to ensure that all members are compliant.

We also ask that members are mindful of the Sailing Club and keep well clear of any sailing activity at the southern end of the new permit area. Any non members should be made aware of the rules to protect beach access there.

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La Ventana

An avid Hood River athlete, passionate artist and mother of two died from injuries from a kiteboarding accident while on vacation near La Ventana, Mexico.

Christina Bockius, 43, was treated in a La Paz hospital Tuesday after breaking her neck and was flown to OHSU where she died early Thursday morning, said Peter Hixson, her brother-in-law.

"It was just a freak accident," he said. "We're just devastated."

She was not in the water when it happened, Hixson said, but was found on the sand with her kiteboard dragging her down the beach.

She is survived by her husband, David Kelly Bockius, and two daughters, Sascha, 10, and Nina, 7.

An avid skier and windsurfer, Bockius spent 60-plus days a year kiteboarding since she picked up the sport a few years ago, Hixson said, adding sports were "her path."

Hixson said her talents also transferred into the art world as a jewelry maker and advocate for keeping the arts in schools.

"She would teach classes herself," he said. "She would spearhead gathering supplies and get guests to teach painting and pottery."

Friends and family held a candlelight vigil for Bockius in Hood River on Wednesday night.

"There wasn't anyone more positive in life," he said. "She made people feel special."