KPWT 2009

Sylt, the best and the most beautiful place to hold a kiteboarding event in Germany will be the scene of the Westerland Kitesurf World Cup, scheduled in June, 16th to 21th 2009, 50,000 euros prize money. 

This exciting event is the result of a co-organization agreement between Brand Guides Gmbh & Co.KG dealing with Kitesurfing since 2002 and the KPWT (Kiteboard Pro World Tour), World Championship Tour sanctioned by IKA and ISAF, and the world cup of kitesurfing since 1998.

For the KPWT this is the opportunity to visit for the first time in the tour history Germany. Tour promoter Frederic Gravoille explains: For us in global kitesurfing Germany with the myth of Westerland always was a challenge to be visited.

Thilo Trefz, CEO of Brand Guides GmbH & Co.KG, says about it: We experienced now the location for five years with the national tour always with perfect and powerful conditions for the sport in Germany. In this case we can put together the international image of this wonderful destination with the best kitesurfing professionals in the world.

Located in Westerland, the Sylt Kitesurf World Cup will be a great opportunity for the best professional international kiteboarders to gain points for the 2009 World Cup title. A frenetic audit can follow the contest just from across the promenade.

A spectacular prize money of 50.000 euros will motivate the athletes to show their wide range of skills and talents. The competition will cover runs for the Freestyle, Wave riding, Course racing, and Kiteloop World Championships.

Gabriele Weidner / Peter Douven, in charge of the Westerland Tourism Marketing explains: Sylt has leading status for German tourism for us it is important to ensure that Westerland has a dynamic image in the long term. The exiting and expanding new sport of kitesurfing definitely therefore is a great chance to attract spectators and media on international level.

War breaks out between IKA and PKRA

The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) has published a strong open letter to the PKRA regarding the fragmentation of kiteboarding and its competitions. Here's what IKA has to say: 

Unfortunately the PKRA is the only organizer not willing to cooperate at the moment and trying to bypass national and international interests, so we were forced to publish this open letter to PKRA tour manager Mauricio Toscano:

«Dear Mauricio, we hereby request you to immediately stop all activities that potentially bypass national and international kiteboarding bodies interests and lead to a fragmentation of kiteboarding, like contacting other organizers venues, backdoor talks to ISAF etc.

Our intention is the integration of all kiteboarding activities around the world.

We invite you one more time to start serious negotiations with us, and we will call for a follow-up meeting mid/end of January including national associations, tour operators and ISAF committee members.

We are looking forward to your answer until 23.12.2008, clearly confirming your will to co-operate and to stop any prejudicial activities.

Kind regards,
Markus Schwendtner
Executive Secretary»

More details will be unveiled here at


In 2009, plan a trip to New Brunswick. More precisely to Caraquet. Roch Chiasson and his group have been busy trying to organize a wind and kite event as part of the Congrès mondial acadien which will be held in 2009.

Our event will be held on our regular weekend, August 1 to 3, 2009, and the kite event will be held two weeks later. Roch has reserved 10 rooms for us at the Super 8 in Caraquet.

If you want to stay there, book your room asap as the area is going to be very busy at that time. The manager has been given a list of current members so when you call (1-506-727-0888), mention that you belong to the CMWA and give your name and you should have no problem reserving a room.

If you were not a member in 2008 but would like to join again in 2009 and participate in our championship, let Suzanne Roberge know.

This has been done because people have been trying to obtain rooms by saying they belonged to a group when they don’t. There are 4 rooms with a balcony on the water side ($189 incl. breakfast) and 6 on the other side ($169 incl. breakfast).

If you look at the image gallery you will notice a big grassy area. That is where we will rig and leave our equipment under the watch of a security guard. The motel is located on the beach and we can sail from there. I’m told that during our weekend, there will be fireworks and local musical groups to entertain us as it is the Festival acadien de Caraquet that weekend.

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Brad Spencer, Annissa Flynn, and Daniel Tarapchak have taken out the 2018 World Flowboarding Championships, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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