Mitu Monteiro prevails in the windy waves of Dakhla

Mitu Monteiro has taken out the 2017 World Cup Dakhla, in Morocco.

The Cape Verdean kitesurfer defeated Keahi de Aboitiz in the grand final held on the edge of the desert. The decisive clash had the strongest wind of the whole competition.

Both riders were super active, constantly pulling and landing front rolls, 360s, crazy horses, grabbed back rolls, and massive cutbacks. But the judges went for Monteiro.

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How to untwist the kite lines

It happens all the time, and you must sort it out, particularly when drifting in the water. Learn how to untangle the lines without landing your kite.

Kite lines are a fundamental part of the kiteboarding equation. You can't ride a kite if the lines are tangled, twisted, or full of knots.

Spaghetti lines are quite common, but you should know how to solve the problem. In fact, un-swiveling kite lines is a skill that, in the most extreme scenario, may save your life.

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King Philippe of Belgium goes kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is popular sport among CEOs, executives and politicians. Richard Branson, for example, is a regular kitesurfer, and a world record holder.

The businessman even organizes the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada, a large kiteboarding event that attracts thousands of enthusiasts every year.

But we had never seen monarchs riding kites. The truth is that the official Belgian Monarchy Twitter and YouTube accounts posted a homemade video of Philippe, King of the Belgians, kitesurfing in Knokke.

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