How to do an inverted front roll tail grab

Learn how to land the inverted front roll tail grab, a classic old school kiteboarding trick.

Air rotations are always impressive, especially if you're a spectator or kite fan watching the pros out in the water. They spice up the ride and allow you to be creative.

The front roll requires more height than the back roll, and the early moments of the rotation are a bit tricky. But with a little bit of practice, you'll pull it off in no time.

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Airton Cozzolino conquers the 2017 World Cup Tarifa

Airton Cozzolino stormed the 2017 World Cup Tarifa, in Spain.

The Italian kitesurfer stormed the strapless freestyle event with a double victory in the European capital of wind. And for the finals, the famous Levante wind showed up at 40 knots.

Matchu Lopes wanted to win in Tarifa and kicked off his performance with a convincing double front roll. Cozzolino answered with a stunning crazy horse kite loop.

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The world's oldest known kite

Peter Lynn is one of the most experienced kite designers in the world. Here's the story of how he found the oldest known kite.

"I remain hopeful that one day, a midden somewhere in Southeast Asia will reveal datable remnants of a leaf kite that will push the known origin of kites back beyond 10,000 years.

A pretty good proof would be a piece of Locoloco leaf spine with a line tied around it at an appropriate bridle point.

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The International Surfing Association (ISA) submitted a declaration of intent to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) for the inclusion of adaptive surfing on the 2024 Summer Paralympics program.

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