Nick Jacobsen jumps off a hotel roof into a pool

Nick Jacobsen has done it again. This time, he jumped off a hotel roof into a pool. Remember: what happens in the Bahamas, stays in the Bahamas.

The conditions for a freestyle kiteboarding session were perfect - flat and transparent waters, warm temperatures, and plenty of creative obstacles for the stuntman to overcome.

The tourists and clients of the hotel couldn't believe what they were seeing. A man was riding a kite on a freshwater pool. Who's this guy? Well, meet kiteboarding's ultimate daredevil.

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"Chicken loop" inventors in court to regain control of the patent

In 2001, the founder of Ocean Rodeo and three friends invented the "chicken loop." Now, they're suing a retired lawyer and his firm for a patent filing error made at the time.

The quartet tried to file a patent for a quick-release safety, but the process was never properly finalized, and they lost all credit for their development.

"Before we came along, people were killing themselves, and now it's very unusual to hear of a death in kiteboarding," Richard Myerscough, founder of Ocean Rodeo, told CBC News.

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The anatomy of a kiteboarding kite

Discover the different parts of a kite. Learn their technical names and what they're for.

Kiteboarding kites are flying machines powered by the wind. They're more than just a wing made of ripstop polyester or high-tech fabrics. Kites are an aerodynamic structure meticulously designed for having fun.

When the wind hits the kite, it creates lift and propels the rider forward. Understanding the components of a kite will improve your riding performance and your safety as well.

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