Ice Board

"Ice Board", conceptualised and directed by Conn Bertish, is a short film that tells the story of Conn Bertish's remarkable visual art creation, the Ice Board.

Bertish, a Capetonian surfer, activist and creative director came up with the innovative idea to highlight the plight of our oceans, by shaping a life-sized surfboard sculpted entirely from ice.

The board of ice is a simple metaphor for what is a happening right now to all the worlds glaciers and ice caps.

As this board melts so do our glaciers and million year old ice caps. So we each need to take stock of how our actions are affecting the increase in Global Warming. The board is a simple graphic reminder of this.

The "Ice Board" was displayed at Depasco Café in Kloof Street, Cape Town, on Wednesday 9 December 2009. The melting board served as a visual poem, underlining the global warming crisis in a powerful way.

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