"Lunchbreak" is a short surfing film that combines high performance surfing action with a cheeky twist on a North Shore legend.

A group of male surfers are out surfing when the local "Gang" comes and calls "lunch break" kicking them out of the water.

The "Gang's" session doesn't last long though, a group of groms are hot on their tales, determined to teach them a lesson.

Starring Serena Brooke, Ellie-Jean Coffey, Laura Enever, Codie Klein, Felicity Palmateer, Tyler Wright, Kirby Wright, Dru Adler, Cahill Bell Warren, Jason Jameson, Noah Lane, Brent Savage, Ty Watson, Kai Hing and Alyssa Lock.

Produced and Directed by Clare Plueckhahn and Fran Derham.

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