Ferry Tale: a skatepark built aboard a ferry | Photo: Red Bull

A skatepark on a ferry? Why not? An old dream comes true for professional skater Simon Stricker.

Simon Stricker invited Noel Schaerer, Jan Hirt, and Fabio Martin for an unforgettable "on water" skate session held against a breathtaking backdrop.

The skateboarder from Switzerland set sail with his crew to ride a self-built skatepark installed aboard a ferry.

Project "Ferry Tale" was unveiled on Lake Zurich, Switzerland, on June 12, 2020.

Stricker and friends embarked on the unusual skate trip at 7 a.m. from Horgen, a small town located on the south bank of Lake of Zurich.

"The idea came up when I went for a walk. I saw the ferry and thought it would be awesome to build a skatepark on it," explained Simon Stricker.

Lake Zurich: Simon Stricker, Noel Schaerer, Jan Hirt, and Fabio Martin enjoy a a self-built skate park installed aboard a ferry | Photo: Red Bull

Four Weeks In The Making

From a logistical standpoint, building a skatepark on a ferry was always going to be a challenge.

In order to set up a skating facility with a mini-ramp, quarter pipes, and rails, the team had to plan every detail.

In just four weeks, the obstacles were built in Passau, Bavaria, delivered to Zurich and set up aboard the ship right before the shoot.

Andreas Schützenberger, from IOU Ramps, helped make the dream a reality.

The weather also played a part because all had to be perfect - accomplished riders, a unique skating structure, and stunning blue skies.

Stricker, Hirt, Schaerer, and Martin put on a session in front of a fantastic alpine backdrop that takes the spectator's breath away with the panoramic views.

The result shows that it was all worth it.

Simon Stricker: skating the Swiss ferry's handrails | Photo: Shutterstock

Skating Into Lake Zurich

Even an experienced skatepark expert like Schützenberger was thrilled by the unique session and could hardly believe when Simon and Noel decided to ride the ferry's upper floor.

"I've been building obstacles for 23 years now, but I've never had or seen anything like that," revealed Schützenberger, the man who has already built skateparks in more than 30 countries.

Simon Stricker had his own personal challenge, too. Initially, he struggled to land a particular trick.

"The biggest challenge for me today was to pull off a hardflip over the truck," noted Stricker.

However, after 20 failed attempts, the Swiss skateboarder finally jumped over the Red Bull event car.

In between the stunt, one of his boards ended up in Lake Zurich.

In the end, everyone had a good time and made sure they jumped over the rails into Lake Zurich.

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