Red Bull Feel the Wheel 2020: Bruno Tatarko was once again the fastest longboarder | Photo: Red Bull

Bruno Tatarko and Klára Kašparová have taken out the 2020 Red Bull Feel the Wheel held in Benátky nad Jizerou, Czech Republic.

A record number of longboard skating fans visited the famous pump track for another exciting racing event.

The spectacular weather conditions also attracted a record number of participants who lined up at the starting line eager to show their skills and climb the podium.

This year's edition was dominated by the winners of 2019 Feel the Wheel.

On the men's side, Tatarko was the fastest, but Maxim Habanec got close and finished the competition two seconds slower than the champion.

"I really enjoyed it, and I had no expectations for myself. It was something new for me, even though it's not my main skateboarding discipline. There were no judges, and I only fought against time and other riders," underlined Habanec.

Bruno thinks that having strong legs is a critical prerequisite for success in longboard racing.

"If you don't do enough squats, you won't win. This time, it got serious - I almost fell. Fortunately, I was able to avoid it," explains Bruno Tatarko.

The women's division had an exciting photo finish. Klára Kašparová was able to cross the finish line less than a second - 49 centiseconds - ahead of Karolina Dobra.

"Dobra stayed right behind me all the time. I saw her shadow, and it drove me forward," concluded Kašparová.

Red Bull Feel the Wheel is organized since 2014 by professional mountain biker, Michal Maroši.

2020 Red Bull Feel the Wheel | Results

1. Bruno Tatarko - 47:65
2. Maxim Habanec - 49:41
3. Vladimir Blecha - 49:81

1. Klára Kašparová - 56:08
2. Karolina Dobra - 56:57
3. Sára Pitoňáková - 1:00:08

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