X Games Ventura 2024: skaters broke several longtime records | Photo: X Games

Skateboarding in the X Games continues breaking records, and the 2024 Ventura edition had plenty of surprises.

On the second day of the X Games Ventura 2024, 17-year-old Japanese skater Miyu Ito claimed gold as the first rookie to win in Skateboard Street, and nine-year-old Mia Kretzer from Australia became the youngest medalist, setting a new record by three years.

Nyjah Huston also successfully tied Bob Burnquist's record for the most gold medals in skateboarding when he earned his 14th gold and 22nd overall X Games medal.

The third and final day of X Games Ventura 2024 concluded with history made with gold medals and never-been-done-before tricks.

All eyes were set on Huston, who earned his 15th gold to tie Shaun White's and Garrett Reynold's records, and 14-year-old Arisa Trew, who became the first to capture back-to-back double golds in Park.

Men's Skateboard Park

The Park competition attracted a full house, with enthusiastic fans cheering for the world's top athletes who showcased their skills on the vibrant blue Sonic Park Course.

The intensity of the competition remained high from the start, with eight athletes striving to nail their best runs before the 45-second buzzer sounded.

Despite intense pressure to do well, camaraderie among the competitors shone through as they cheered each other on and celebrated their performances together.

A favorite heading into the event, Keegan Palmer laid down a massive score in his first run for 93.00 to earn his second career X Games gold medal, which sent the rest of the competitors chasing after him for the rest of the competition.

It came down to the last skater who could unseat him, Pedro Barros - the most decorated man in this field.

However, Barros was unable to overtake Palmer for gold or Sorgente for silver and settled in the bronze position.

"It's wild to come off a win in Budapest, and then to add another gold here is amazing. X Games doesn't get better than this, with Sorg and Pedro on the podium," said Palmer.

"I've grown up watching them skate. They've been my idols, and now they're my friends. To be able to skate against them is a dream come true, and now we are standing on the podium together."

Women's Skateboard Park

The world's biggest stage featured a field of eight finalists, all under 18 years old.

Among them was defending champion, 14-year-old Arisa Trew, aiming to uphold her title after a perfect rookie year last year, where she clinched two gold medals in park and vert disciplines.

Trew impressed from the start, unleashing a series of intricate combos highlighted by new tricks including a backside air on the extension, McTwist, and backside Smith, nosegrind to fakie, showcasing her creativity to surprise the judges.

After a dominant first run, Trew outperformed the rest of the field with a commanding 11-point lead and maintained her edge throughout, displaying a relentless drive to push the progression of what was possible.

Even in her victory lap, she continued to challenge herself, highlighting her commitment to progression in her sport.

"Second run started good, and I am very happy! X Games is the funnest event ever," said Arisa Trew.

"Before I skate, I usually just think about my run, and I memorize it, and I just talk with my coach and all my friends and just feel good."

Heading into her last run, 15-year-old X Games rookie Ruby Trew surged from eighth place with a flawless run that highlighted her talent in the Park, earning her the bronze medal, her second of the weekend.

Japan's Hinano Kusaki secured the silver.

Nyjah Huston: the skater won his 15th gold to tie Shaun White's and Garrett Reynold's records | Photo: X Games

Men's Skateboard Street

In his 24th X Games appearance, Nyjah Huston again reigned supreme in Skateboard Street after he won his second gold this weekend, 23rd overall X Games medal, and 15th gold medal to tie Shaun White in Skateboard Street Final.

With his win in Saturday's Street Best Trick event, Huston earned his first on-site gold medal since X Games Minneapolis 2019 and has officially surpassed Bob Burnquist's record for the most Skateboard golds at X Games. 

"I started at 11 years old, and we are not done. I still have a lot of good years left of skating," said Huston.

"A shout-out to all the fans in Ventura. Great vibes on the course and with the fans. It's just a great contest. I love X Games because it's the OG skate event. Gnarliest ripping going on. It's the best." 

One of the favorites heading into skateboard street this weekend was last year's Best Trick silver medalist Braden Hoban, as well as Gustavo Ribeiro, who both put down clean and difficult runs, earning them the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

Ribeiro is the first athlete from Portugal to earn an X Games medal.

Women's Skateboard Street

In a historic final, the Japanese skaters showcased their dominance of the Street discipline with the first teenage podium sweep in X Games history's Skateboard Street competition.

With five of eight skaters hailing from Japan, Miyu Ito led the podium sweep to become the first rookie to win the discipline.

"It's an honor to be here, and to win a gold medal is really special for me. Thank you so much," said the emotional 17-year-old Ito.

Women's Skateboard Street medalists, 15-year-old Liz Akama, and 17-year-old Yumeka Oda took home silver and bronze respectively.

Tom Schaar: the winner of the X Games Ventura 2024 Skateboard Vert gold medal | Photo: X Games

Men's Skateboard Vert

In a thrilling Skateboard Vert final, longtime X Games competitor Tom Schaar earned his very first gold medal in Vert as one of the older competitors at the ripe age of 24.

With seven-time Vert gold medalist Jimmy Wilkins sitting in first place in the fourth and final runs, Schaar stomped a flawless run in the last 10 seconds of the competition.

Moto Shibata, who sat just off the podium heading into his fourth run, landed a nearly flawless run to knock Wilkins into bronze.

"I didn't think it was going to work out, but I somehow got to the last trick, made it onto the deck, and yeah, just all smiles," said Schaar.

Tom's best run included: Alley-oop backside 540, tail grab 540, heelflip indy, frontside nose grind, kickflip indy to fakie, into cab tail grab 720, alley-oop lipslide, kickflip body varial 540, bigspin backside lipslide, and finished with tail grab 360 to fakie.

Women's Skateboard Vert

Arisa Trew, the reigning gold medalist in Women's Vert and Park, achieved a remarkable feat by securing consecutive double gold medals at the age of 14 in Women's Vert and Park.

Following her triumphant performance in Park earlier in the day, Trew prepared for another dominant showing in Vert, easily surpassing her high score in Run 2 and adding effortless finesse to her technical maneuvers.

Notably, Trew is the first woman to land a 900, although her mastery was evident throughout the competition, demonstrating her unparalleled dominance.

"I feel really good about this whole weekend. This competition was so much fun. I'm so happy to have landed my kickflip indy!" said Trew.

After exchanging second and third spots multiple times, the podium finished with Mizuho Hasegawa and Asahi Kaihara rounding out the podium after Hasegawa went sky high on her last run to answer back to Kaihara to reclaim her second position.

Men's Skateboard Street Best Trick

Saturday was a big moment for 22-time X Games champion and favorite going into the competition, Nyjah Huston, as he matched legend Bob Burnquist's record for the most skateboard gold medals of all time.

Huston is the most decorated skateboard street medalist of all time and just one gold behind Shaun White and Garrett Reynolds for the most overall gold in history.

His best trick from the final consisted of a nollie heelflip backside tailslide to fakie.

" I forgot that I matched Bob's record. I grew up watching Bob - he's a legend. It's sic to be out there skating with all the guys," said Huston.

"I wasn't sure if I liked the format at first, but I think we all ended up liking it because when we are skating a big rail like that, it's good to keep the flow going and pump each other up. When it all comes down to it, we are all homies out there."

Felipe Mota earned silver and Jhancarlos Gonzalez earned his first X Games medal and became the first Colombian to medal in X Games history with bronze.

Women's Skateboard Street Best Trick

The Japanese skateboarders took command of the Skateboard Street podium a second time, with Yumeka Oda, Miyu Ito, and Liz Akama shuffling the medal order in the Best Trick event.

On her first attempt, Oda claimed the victory by landing a flawless kickflip frontside feeble grind down the 10-stair handrail.

"This is my first time, so I'm extremely happy. Thank you so much," said Oda, who upgraded her bronze medal in the Street competition this morning for a gold in Best Trick.

"I was so nervous to land my best trick but I made it on my first try."

Women's and Men's Skateboard Vert Best Trick

In the debut of Pacifico Women's Skateboard Vert Best Trick, nine-year-old Mia Kretzer earned her first X Games gold.

In a field where the oldest competitor was just 20 years old, Kretzer became the youngest athlete and medalist in X Games history, beating out Ema Kawakami, who held the record for one day.

Kretzer landed a cab 720 on her second try.

"I feel crazy. I feel so happy. It's just amazing and crazy…"

In the men's competition, Gui Khury added his ninth overall gold medal and third Vert Best Trick gold medal with a body varial 900 on his first try.

On the 25th anniversary of Tony Hawk's 900, both Khury and newcomer Kawakai landed 900s.

"I was really focused, really, really nervous," said Gui Khury.

"I was super happy to have landed my tricks. Now it's just time to enjoy. Ventura has some of the best people and the best crowd."

"Ventura is so open. I get to ride my bike and also win a gold medal, which is good."

Although it was after time had expired in the competition, Moto Shibata landed a never-been-done front foot impossible Lien 540 for the crowd.

2024 X Games Ventura | Results

Men's Skateboard Park Final

1. Keegan Palmer (AUS), 93.00
2. Alex Sorgente (USA), 91.33
3. Pedro Barros (BRA), 90.33
4. Tom Schaar (USA), 86.00
5. Gavin Bottger (USA), 77.00
6. Kieran Woolley (AUS), 64.66
7. Augusto Akio (BRA), 58.66
8. Danny Leon (ESP), 52.00

Women's Skateboard Park Final

1. Arisa Trew (AUS), 87.33
2. Hinano Kusaki (JPN), 78.66
3. Ruby Trew (AUS), 78.00
4. Lilly Stoephasius (GER), 77.33
5. Mizuho Hasegawa (JPN), 74.66
6. Lilly Erickson (USA), 73.33
7. Yurin Fujii (JPN), 71.33
8. Cocona Hiraki (JPN), 68.33

Men's Skateboard Street Final

1. Nyjah Huston (USA), 95.00
2. Braden Hoban (USA), 90.66
3. Gustavo Ribeiro (POR), 87.00
4. Kelvin Hoefler (BRA), 86.00
5. Dashawn Jordan (USA), 85.66
6. Giovanni Vianna (BRA), 82.00
7. Jhancarlos Gonzalez (COL), 78.66
8. Carlos Ribeiro (BRA), 67.00

Women's Skateboard Street Final

1. Miyu Ito (JPN), 88.66
2. Liz Akama (JPN), 85.66
3. Yumeka Oda (JPN), 84.00
4. Ibuki Matsumoto (JPN), 80.66
5. Paige Heyn (USA), 77.66
6. Leticia Bufoni (BRA), 70.66
7. Hina Maeda (JPN), 67.00
8. Margielyn Arda Didal (PHI), 65.66

Men's Skateboard Vert Final

1. Tom Schaar (USA), 92.00
2. Moto Shibata (JPN), 89.66
3. Jimmy Wilkins (USA), 89.33
4. Gui Khury (BRA), 85.33
5. Mitchie Brusco (USA), 77.00
6. Soya Inomata (JPN), 68.33
7. Ema Kawakami (JPN), 62.66
8. Reef Orlando (USA), 48.00

Women's Skateboard Vert Final

1. Arisa Trew (AUS), 88.33 
2. Mizuho Hasegawa (JPN), 86.00
3. Asahi Kaihara (JPN), 85.66
4. Juno Matsuoka (JPN), 80.66
5. Bryce Wettstein (USA), 76.33
6. Mia Kretzer (AUS), 73.33
7. Jada Ward (AUS), 71.33
8. Joey Yarbrough (USA), 61.33
9. Lilly Stoephasius (GER), 50.33

Men's Skateboard Street Best Trick

1. Nyjah Huston (USA)
2. Filipe Mota (BRA)
3. Jhancarlos Gonzalez (COL)
4. Ryan Decenzo (CAN)
5. Matt Berger (CAN)
6. Jamie Foy (USA)
7. Kelvin Hoefler (BRA)
8. Giovanni Vianna (BRA)

Women's Skateboard Street Best Trick

1. Yumeka Oda (JPN)
2. Miyu Ito (JPN)
3. Liz Akama (JPN)
4. Ibuki Matsumoto (JPN)
5. Jazmin Alvarez (COL)
6. Shiloh Catori (USA)
7. Mariah Durah (USA)

Men's Skateboard Vert Best Trick

1. Gui Khury (BRA)
2. Soya Inomata (JPN)
3. Edouard Damestoy (FRA)
4. Tom Schaar (USA)
5. Ema Kawakami (JPN)
6. Rony Gomes (BRA)
7. Ao Nishikawa (JPN)
8. Moto Shibata (JPN)
9. Jimmy Wilkins (USA)
10. Reef Orlando (USA)

Women's Skateboard Vert Best Trick

1. Mia Kretzer (AUS)
2. Mizuho Hasegawa (JPN)
3. Juno Matsuoka (JPN)
4. Lilly Stoephasius (GER)
5. Asahi Kaihara (JPN)
6. Jada Ward (AUS)
7. Bryce Wettstein (USA)
8. Arisa Trew (AUS)

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