180 no comply: a skateboard trick that blends the ollie and the frontside 180 | Photo: Red Bull

It is often considered one of the most stylish and underrated tricks in skateboarding. Learn how to do a 180 no compy on your skateboard.

Ironically, it's one of the few skate tricks that doesn't comply with the informal rules of skateboarding.

Having one of your feet on the ground is not the norm. But isn't skateboarding all about freedom and breaking the rules?

"The no comply is a simple-looking trick, but you will probably bang up your shins as you learn it," notes Per Welinder, author of "Mastering Skateboarding."

The frontside 180 no comply looks like a basic maneuver, but it could be more challenging than it appears.

The goal is to step off your front foot, pop the board with your back foot, rotate the deck 180 degrees, jump with your front foot, and finally land back on the board.

The trick is commonly used to switch stance, so you should be comfortable riding regular and switch.

Advanced skateboarders also add the no comply to their runs to include a bit of drama, style, and flair to their performance, so it really is a timeless trick.

Once you master the art of no comply, try doing it up and down banks, A-frame ramps, out of manuals, and throw in a few variations - 360, revert, switch, backside, etc.

Before trying it on a flat and smooth surface, practice stepping off your board - only - while rolling at slow-to-moderate speed.

Then, after a series of step-offs, try popping the board and doing the 180 with your back foot.

As soon as the no comply motion gets into your muscle memory, it's time to gather the pieces of the puzzle and perform the full trick.

If you're already familiar with the ollie and the frontside 180, you'll find it easier to land the no comply 180.

Interestingly, you may also find the no comply useful for learning the frontside 180. In the end, it will always vary from skater to skater.

No comply: a controversial yet eye-catching skateboard trick | Photo: Shutterstock

180 No Comply 101

Here's how to pull off a perfectly-executed 180 no comply:

  1. Push on your skateboard gently and at a slow speed;
  2. Adopt an ollie/kickturn body and feet posture;
  3. Step off with your front foot and plant it on the ground;
  4. Pop your back foot on the skateboard;
  5. Turn your head and shoulders in the direction your back foot is going;
  6. Make the board turn 180 degrees;
  7. As the deck is nearly completing the turn, jump with your back foot and trap the skate as it comes around;
  8. Land with both feet on the board;
  9. Roll away in a switch stance;

Remember to try to keep your back foot on the tail as much as possible, planted on the skateboard in order to maintain control of it and keep it from rotating.

You don't need to get the board too high in the air. Keep it low, and make sure your upper body accompanies the 180-degree turn.

Also, keep your front foot planted on the ground far enough away from the board so that it doesn't hit your leg while turning.

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